Rescue Journal

hello..i'm awake and no one else is.

Alison  ·  Dec. 12, 2006

i was exhausted today because it was an exhausting day. kendal from canine H2O and some friends came out and brought great gifts and the proceeds from the photo's with santa to help with our vet bills. it was such a wonderful thing for all of them to do for us. peter from aegis pet ambulance brought marie and our miracle ex-saint harry out for a visit. six months ago, harry was a paraplegic dog hanging out in our kitchen, at thirteen years old, who thought he would ever walk again. harry did, and now he can. i forgot what an absolutley fabulous face he has, it is one of the best in the world. then i helped unload and stack 50 bales of hay plus all the other regular heavy stuff that we do around here every day( like lifting a very pudgy sheep named baby jack up to his feet half a dozen times today to get him up and moving). and finally i made the HUGE mistake of going to chris and debs for dinner, great food, great company, (great dogs too!) and always something that twigs my brain and makes me start thinking. once i start thinking, i get wide awake and can't shut off my brain. and now i can't sleep. so what am i thinking about?

naked human bodies. not pornographic ones, but art. we were talking about beautiful naked human bodies, and i had to admit that i don't find the human body all that aesthetically pleasing. i think spritely is beautiful and phoebe is stunning but not humans. so then i tried to figure out if i would think any naked human body was all that great...michaelangelo's paintings, nope, hmmm...a naked brad pitt, nope again.....julia roberts (who i think is very pretty) nope once more. maybe it is because i am a nurse and i see so many different real life bodies, i think they are sacred but not anything to write home about. other animals have way better bodies, i think deer have one of the best and killer whales are are close second. but what i do like the very best about humans, second only to dogs...are our faces (dogs do have better faces because they are not afraid to let them be naturally expressive.) the very best face in all the world is another harry i used to know (not harry the dog, but harry the human) he was one of my patients, many, many, many years ago. harry was in his mid nineties. he was a soldier in both world war one and two and he was a life long farmer. so harry had this absolutely wonderful face that was seamed with every moment of his life. it was craggy and deep and expressive. it was weather beaten and scarred from war and his eyes used to light up with this blinding glow.

so after pondering half the night about pictures of naked bodies, i have finally figured it out...firstly i find faces more interesting than any body part on any species and i like actual living, breathing, warm to touch art forms best. pictures rarely do anything for me unless it is a great face that reaches out and becomes alive. thank god i got that settled, maybe now i can go to sleep. i gotta be careful not to think too hard after dinner at chris and debs or they won't feed me anymore. they are looking after me lately, they'll make me stay home and go to bed instead!



I had a hot roast beef sandwich for breakfast, so there!I should have put a little pineapple on it.....


brussel sprouts are gross, i think they are minaturized mutated, genetically altered cabbage and large breasts are not a flaw or else people wouldn't pay big bucks to surgically implant them.
and chris is right, supper foods are for supper, and breakfast foods can be eaten anytime, i know this is true because the resturants sell brunch or breakfast all day but you can't buy prime rib in a cafe at 6 am. and fruit is a dessert item, apple pie, cherry cobbler, peach ice cream, mmmmm, your blueberry cobbler was to die for deb.


My mother always used the line " when you are older you can eat whatever you want for breakfast , lunch & dinner " I must admit, it is the one perk I've identified related to " growing up " , there is nothing like a bowl of ice cream for breakfast on a hot summer morning... Go Angelina !!!

And holy Cow... of course the female body is superior to male body when it comes to beauty...


Oh Chris, you miss so much in life if you do the ordinary, mundane, expected things. It's like the saying "life is unpredictable, eat the dessert first" - it's just that I eat the whole darn meal first! Great way to start the day!

Chris Thomas

Jean - that is so wrong!!! You have to have breakfast food at breakfast!!! Ugghh!!!


And Deb, there was also the heated debate about whether one can have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast.
I hope Angelina enjoyed her roast beef breakfast the next morning. :)

Chris Thomas

Don't worry Christmas dinner (on boxing day) will be turkey. Perhaps we can order one with extra tryptophane for you!


The photos Carol can't stop obsessing over are feminist art. The model is a "real" woman with real imperfections that make her perfect.

I love the masterpiece that is every female form. Our home is actually full of feminist art, almost all being naked female forms in one medium or another.

Carol, your ability to express your opinion about our artwork created a lively discussion.....get a bunch of Feminist Warriors in a room and say "her boobs are too big" and there is always lively debate :o) but so did your rant about gravy on brussels sprouts, and fruit as a main course item, so apparently the group assembled could argue about almost everything.

We, as always, enjoyed your company, Carol and Jean. We will always be happy to feed you, weird dietary and artistic beliefs and all.

Judy B

I agree about animals being more beautiful but it's a sad day when Brad Pitt naked isn't a worthy sight! lol


Hahaha - When I read the title I thought "Oh good, Carol's up already getting started on her tremendous to-do list for today" then I looked at the time of the post. Actually you weren't the only one awake 'cuz I did the same thing - started thinking and then couldn't get to sleep. Next time, Deb and Chris, put some tranquilizers in that food.

As for the naked pictures things, I vividly remember having a huge argument about three weeks after I started my first real job, which was as a teller in a bank. Someone, the accountant and I got into a heated debate about the human form - he insisted the male body was more beautiful, and I insisted the female one was. I still don't know how an 18 year old relatively fit (at that time) female and a forty year old very short and pudgy male ended up having that fight, but I've never forgotten it! I think he won, but I still think the female form, in all it's varied shapes, is more beautiful.
Gotta agree about the faces though - I love old wrinkled faces of gentle gracious old women, and the faces of labs and pitties are to die for.