Rescue Journal

i had 4 days off from work

Alison  ·  Dec. 12, 2006

AND we accomplished everything we had to do. all the laundry is caught up and put away, and my personal laundry is done (but not put away) and i have clean clothes for work, yahoo.. the dogs play house got cleaned. i restacked the dog and cat food in the shed. the 50 bales of hay are stacked and dry. the new windchime tree has arrived and is standing ready for the upcoming year and i really hope it doesn't fill up as fast as the last one did. my car is clean. the receipts and incoming cheques are all in kathy's file and awaiting her return from hawaii. all the yards, gravel areas, and fields were at least briefly scooped, raked and clean right down to the grass. we had our photo shoot for the upcoming newspaper article, the feed bins are stocked and full. i have food in the fridge to last the week and i have clean, soft, cat hair free linen on my bed for tonight too. plus, jean fixed the latch on the sheeps stall, installed the heat lamps in the barn and set up the xmas decorations and tree. ted and john and cathy repaired the chicken run so they can go outside again, they fixed the gate to the back of the house and eva's shelf finally got painted. i finally found someone to give me a price on that rotting moldy and holy bathroom. we managed to temporarily avert a final crises with spritely, we have kept baby jack at his plateau, and little jack has made a huge recovery. nicole got the xmas letters made and mailed and the samples for the donation boxes and mo fixed up the barn, manure and shaving's pile that was in a sorry mess after our crises in the snow. and the barn is stocked with 2 full days of water in anticipation of the next water pipe freeze.the only things i didn't do on the list was to get a hold of some tree guys to take down that deadly tree that is slowly breaking apart in the lower field. and get the repair guys out to fix the furnace and the dryer. i will try to remember to phone them tomorrow. thank goodness i am back to work tomorrow, i need a rest but it feels good to be back in control around here again. the elements and bad luck sideswiped us for a bit. thx everyone!



all it takes is 60 some odd critters perched on my back or hanging onto my leg to keep me in line. don't need no daisy collar and if you try it, phoebe will set me free, all i have to do is ask.

Chris Thomas

Ha, ha, ha!!! Sadly Jean I think it will take a whole lot more than a daisy collar. Perhaps really strong drugs!


Hahaha - Carol and Copper, two of a kind!!!! Shall I make you a daisy collar, too, to keep you in your place?


oh yeah, i did too! amazing what i can get sucked into doing with the lure of really good food, sigh, i am the beagle.

Chris Thomas

and you finished giving me information for the SAINTS database!!!