Rescue Journal

apparently emails to me thru my shaw account are bouncing back

Alison  ·  Dec. 15, 2006

i have no idea why. i will call someone to fix it after i call on the dryer, the furnace and the dead tree.

if you need to send me an email, try my other account i am still getting those ones. freaking technology.


Chris Thomas

Carol's email at shaw is fine now. Not sure what happenned. If anyone gets a bounce forward it to me and I will try and figure it out. Thanks!

Chris Thomas

Jean - emails were bouncing from my telus account where all my email is forwarded so I can check it with my palm treo. Shaw won't let you access webmail from a handheld. Pain in the butt!!!


It seems to be working now, Carol --- I sent through a test email twenty minutes ago to find out what the bounced back message would tell me, and it didn't bounce back. So delete the message with the subject line "test"! LOL


It probably means your mailbox is full, Carol. Try deleting a bunch or moving them to a file.
My emails to Chris yesterday were bouncing back (or, at least I was getting the message that they couldn't be delivered because the recipient's box was full), and yet she was answering them! So I'm guessing she was tidying up her email right then and everytime she deleted one another one (mine) would get delivered to fill the space she'd freed up. Talk about confusing.