Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Dec. 15, 2006

So i have news that may be exciting to only me, but Honey has for the first time, since coming to my house back in September, made her way back to the house on her own from the backyard. (For those of you who may not have the pleasure of knowing of Honey, she is my blind foster dog from SAINTS)
I could never figure out how Sheila and Leila got Luke so well adjusted to their place, but they just kept telling me it took time, so I guess they were right.
I felt like an idiot at how excited I was, but she has never attempted to 'look' (sniff and feel for) the house and will usually just lie down in the yard - even if it is pouring rain. but yesterday i let her out when i came home, she went up the ramp, did her business, sniffed around for a bit and then through trial and error found the ramp again and came back to the door. i think i will try and cement the benefits of coming back to the house for her with liver brownies.



I know just how exciting this is!
We're the foster parents of the two little special needs kittens who were on Brindle, Yoji has one eye and frankly, if he had both he'd just be double trouble,lol.
Carmie is completely blind and it's been such a journey watching her discover her new digs and our pets (two big dogs included). A few nights ago she managed to make her way onto my bed and woke me up for some mega snuggle time. I cheered and cried and laughed and was soo proud of our little girl! She made it onto our bed, which means getting past the big smelly dog and climbing up on the blankets onto the tall bed!! ( they sleep with our son for most the night in his room, snuggled tight against his neck)
Both Mike and I were crying with this little purr girly happily washing herself in between us.
She gets very excited when she hears me in the morning,she follows me during the day, loves nothing more than snuggling up tight against me or playing with the other cats and then snuggling up tight against me. Yoji follows our one cat around all day long and has deeply bonded with her.
We don't know how we're ever going to give these two back, if we're ever going to be able to, we're hoping we'll remain the most perfect home for them! It'll just mean that we failed at being fosters again,sigh.
There is just something about a blind little love though and her brother is just as sweet!


i think this is very exciting news, i am one of the few people who truly understand how LONGGGGGGGG it takes to coax honey back into the house, i swear i could wash 2 full floors and run thru a load of laundry in the time it took to convince her to come back in (i am ashamed to admit, that sometimes when i was late and in a hurry, i just picked her up and carried her!!!) yay honey, great work nicole!


Yeah Honey!!! So glad it'w working out so well for you and Honey, Nicole!!!!


Yahoo for Honey, that is a big step for her... no pun intended. I'll see you tomorrow .

Chris Thomas

It is actually not a collar Jean. It is a bicycle light that is attached to another collar that we just put over his head.


I might be over at SAINTS myself tomorrow - I'm down to marking the last set of exams and should be finished this evening - YAAAAY!!!!!! Then I'll be doing my happy dance!!!


That's wonderful Nicole! Honey is doing so well with you. She's a very special girl and just needed someone to love her as you do.


jean, i'll come by tomorrow with some more brownies and have a little visit with isaac and charley.
we have 3 new volunteers(hopefully) coming out tomorrow around 1030 so i'll pop by after that.


That is awesome, Nicole! Way to go, Honey!
I wish Isaac (my Saints foster) would reliably come back into the house. He's not blind but he is deaf - and I suspect even if he could hear he'd just ignore me, as he lives in his own little world. At the very least I need one of those flashing collars that Deb and Chris bought Kiefer - I'm so tired of trudging around with a flashlight looking for him (usually in the rain or sleet or snow)in my dark, dark yard at 3 AM. The liver brownies are the ONLY incentive that works for him!

Chris Thomas

I totally understand. Blind dogs are such a treasure and when they figure it out it is party time! Clio is having to re-learn where things are because of the move. In the past when we moved it was usually to small places so it was easy. Not so this time. I have to watch to make sure she gets to the water. She can find it in some rooms but not all. Last night she actually went to the front door and barked to go out. It was great!

Enjoy these victories Nicole - they are so hard won.