Rescue Journal

baby jack passed at 2 pm today.

Alison  ·  Dec. 18, 2006

the vet had pre-sedated him so he slept thru his passing. jean watched the other farm guys while mo and i took him to the crematorium. it was a final ending that i thought was many years away.

you were a very good sheep baby jack, we will all miss you.



Baby Jack knew he was surrounded by love when you helped him to cross over. The love of his barn friends and his human ones. He touched the lives of all who spent time and got to know how special a little sheep can be.


Very difficult to say good bye to one so young even though you know it's time. I'm sorry Carol I think I understand how much he meant to you!!!! Good bye Baby Jack, sweet dreams on your new journey.

Chris Thomas

Carol - I am sure that Baby Jack knew that he was loved. Sadly, this is far more than most sheep will ever know. You did the right thing and I am sure Baby Jack thanks you. Take care.