Rescue Journal

new photos

Nicole  ·  Dec. 18, 2006

There are new photos up in the photo gallery, mostly from Saturday past of the barnguys and the dogs in the field. I will still add more to it as I need to get pics of the new windchime tree (which is already looking full) and the christmas tree (which has amazingly not been knocked over/eaten) in the dog room.
Spritely was moving really well (by the way everyone - she is in need of monthly sponsorships as her new medication is working well on her leg, but it comes at a price and a big one at that. Gideon was moving like a horse half his age (it didn't help that Roxi was running around in the field) and Andy actually came out for a walk with us, even with Phoebe there.



lol rae...not only does hope ebb and tide here, but so does snow! you should move to mission, you could be our neighbor.


The pictures are great but my question is.... where the hell did all the snow go? I still have s foot of it here and I have had enough.


Gosh I just looked at those pictures again & I feel all warm & fuzzy inside.. doesn't Andy look so freaking cute !!! toodling along after Lexi , what a doll & Jackie with her faced mushed threw the screen. I was feeling sorta low & now I have a smile.. Thanks again Nicole.


i have some better ones of baby jack already printed. i'll bring them this weekend for you.


Once again Nicole, you have made my day.. I LOVE looking at your pictures... I would like a E-mail pic of Baby jack if I can get one... I want to have it printed & keep it at my desk.

Judy B

Awesome pictures Nicole, I love the updates. Great job, I especially like the horse pictures... they are beauties!