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SAINTS to be featured in tomorrow's Sun

Jean  ·  Dec. 18, 2006

SAINTS will be featured in Tuesday's Vancouver Sun, as the second part of their six-part series of "life-affirming Christmas stories" running this week. I've heard about people getting their "fifteen minutes of fame" - not sure how that translates into "column inches" - maybe "1500 words of fame"? :)


Eric S.

Congratulations on the media coverage. I hope that it helps increase the number of contributions to and adoptions from SAINTS.

Gayle (& Howard)

Is there any way that whomever operates your old web site, could put a "re-direct" link to the new web page?


Just a note that the web address in the paper is our old site (which is not updated), rather than this new one. So if any of our readers are talking with others about today's article, please provide them with this web address.

Pat B

I thought that the article and pics were really great, Carol! If that doesn't touch a great many hearts and pursestrings nothing will! Bravo! You need to climb up on a rock(not crawl under it!)and educate more people. I especially liked your quote, " I hate the idea that an animal that has lived its whole life in the service of humankind should die in a concrete cell somewhere."
Bless you for being there for so many! Pat B


Hey Donna, thanks for the newsflash...I'll be heading out for a paper soon but I checked the online headline and it didn't look too frightening.

Not sure if Carol has any days off between Christmas and New Years, but I'll be around every day except Boxing day (and one other day when I want to go to Hearts on Noses).


I picked up the Vancouver Sun this morning to read the article on Saints. I thought it was a very nice and informative article. I liked the fact that many different animals were shown in the pictures (Tally and the black cat being shown twice). Nothing to worry about, Carol, the photos were all good and especially good of my favorite "Wilbur". I'd like to visit between Christmas & New Years, when would it be convenient to visit?


Crazed chicken crusader! LOL - yes, I missed that one but I can imagine!
Relax - don't borrow trouble, as my mom used to say. Maybe there won't be any unSaintly headlines and photo captions that embarrass you. Unless, of course, they print that one of the two jackasses between the two donkeys...... (in which case I will crawl under the rock with you, since someone where I work posted the last newspaper pic of me on the bulletin board for all to see).
Tomorrow will bring whatever tomorrow brings. I have the Bailey's ready in case we need it.


i just know i am going to want to crawl under a rock when that story hits the streets. please shoot me now and lets just get it all over with.

you missed the crazed chicken crusader jean when the CFIA was wholesale slaughtering anything resembling a chicken, every client's home i visited had that godawful picture posted on their fridge.

and then there was the one of me kneeling in the paddock in front of the sheep with an almost holy look upon my face entitled "saints among us"

i am feeling sick.