Rescue Journal

the barn

Alison  ·  Dec. 18, 2006

has been such a worry lately. today we lose the battle for baby jack and for the last month we have been battling not to lose spritely too. the vet will have to look at spritely's foot when he is here today, it looks different to me, like the hoof might be pulling away. and jenny has started to founder again. she was in full founder when she arrived here last winter but once she was treated she has been good ever since. i am wondering if it is the season, with the ground which changes from deep snow to mushy mud to rock hard frozen solid in just a weeks time.

i don't know why when it rains it pours, or why bad things really do happen to come in three's. and i don't know why when we start to find and prepare the solutions to meet winter challenges, everyone else decides to fall apart here instead.

all i know is that it is not from our lack of trying. all of us have been giving 110%. i guess you can give it your all and then some, and still not even get to finish the race. oh well, we may not win, and we may not even see the end, but they can damn well carry us out of here on stretchers because we will not quit.

freaking life, it is always messing around. why can't it just play nice?



If life actually behaved nice and did what we wanted we wouldn't learn all the stuff we came here to figure out. Simply put life sucks sometimes. When it gets really bad we often just stop and holler Why?!?! Sometimes we figure out the why but most the time we don't. Carol, you have a need to take care of these feathered and furry children as rest of us do. It's what you chose, although it can feel as if it was tossed Plunk! into the lap. Only the manual got left behind! You will carry on as best you do, your friends are here to support you along the way.