Rescue Journal

I gotta learn to type with more than 2 fingers, both of them are sore tonight.

Alison  ·  Dec. 19, 2006

i have literally answered close to a hundred emails today. who would have thought that so many people would be so kind to write and say thank you for caring for our guys who are such wonderful creatures to care for anyway. one of the emails was from the mom of daisy's mom who had passed away before daisy came here. even tho daisy is gone now too, she was never able to get out here and see that daisy was really ok. she said in her email that it was such a relief to her to be able to see in the newspaper today where daisy spent her last few months and to know that daisy was really in a good place and truly loved. another email was from some great people who several years ago adopted three orphan kittens that i had bottle fed from just a few days old (gosh i do miss doing the orphan kittens) they just wanted to let me know that spanky had passed this year from a congenital heart defect but that alphalfa and mary were still doing great and they were having trouble finding another cat to adopt because my hand raised bottle fed babies turned into phenomenol cats and they couldn't find another one like spanky (he was a great babe!!). another lady wrote for advice because her dog had an injury and she was worried that maybe she would have pain from arthritis and wanted some information on taking care of her. you could hear how much she cared for her dog thru her words of concern and care. there were a couple that hoped we would take their animals but mostly it was just very kind and generous people like all of us that love their animals like we do. Thank you Vancouver Sun, I met some truly nice people thru the email and phones today, well worth the price of a couple of sore fingers!



A WHOLE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom cut it our for me , it shows fantasitic!! Will read it when i am cozy in bed later. Can't get better coverage then that !!