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Alison  ·  Dec. 19, 2006

there are 2 truths about is I write pretty good. two that i suck at talking.

i should have crawled under that rock a bit sooner.

at 1030 this morning we are doing the Val and i forget who-else show on CFUN. if i didn't mess up and make us all look crazy in the paper, i most assuredly will nail us all to the wall in a couple of hours. sorry guys.



oops sorry for the typos, where did the edit button go??? the button came back so i fixed the errors, sorry.


well hello laurel, no thanks needed, especially if you are going to come and join us. it is a whole other world up here, happy, sad and completely insane, you are going to love it!
as to that interview...leila said i was "brilliant" lest anyone think my head is swelling, picture this...when the phone rings to begin the interview, i run into the only quiet and animal free place in the house...the ICKY tiny bathroom. i sit on the closed toilet seat (i just wanted to clarify that it was in fact closed!) with three dogs shoving their noses and their toes under the door because they are sure i am doing something in there that might be interesting, with my cell phone ringing non stop in my pocket and the land line phone beeping thoughts out of my brain with every attempted incoming call. maybe i should let chris and nicole install web cams in the bathroom, if anyone saw what was going on while i was trying to talk, they would have known beyond a doubt that i am insane. so if the interview was good, or i truly did sound brilliant, it was only because i was too distracted to even know what i was saying.


Hi Carol - I think I am Liz's client that heard your show with Nik and Val yesterday. You sounded great and I was really impressed. I completed my drive in tears listening to your stories. I am going away for xmas holiday this week but will contact you in new year. I would love to volunteer and donate some money. I gotta lotta love to give and would love to share it with your animals. Thanks for what you do !



I need to put my 2 cents in on this one. You do not suck, I had a client talk about you today, saying that she had no idea that there were places like this, and she said that you were excellent. I wish I had heard. You're ausome, and am so happy to hear that you were able to speak for all your babies.


Great article Carol. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope it brings in lots of positive attention for the good work you do.

karen duncan

Hey Carol both were great NOw we know how it works Article in Sun and interview on Nik and Val when they read it..They have been really supportive to us too and do a really good and supportive interview. I hope this brings in bundles of moola and not animals.! karen


A great interview! A nice balance of information about SAINTS and education about adopting older animals, caring for older animals, the problems of people dumping animals at shelters etc. - really good range of topics.
And the correct web address! LOL


Hey Carol, you were interviewed for the Sun - that was talking - you did just fine and the article is great. So just pretend you're talking to the same guy again and forget that it is live.


You speak just fine - writing yes, you are quite good, but I'm sure you won't put your foot in your mouth. Just be sure that you tell them the web address is
it's Nik & Val.i'm going to listen in while i have fun sorting rocks and minerals (boy has my job changed).