Rescue Journal

Honey pulled an isaac...

Nicole  ·  Dec. 20, 2006

So I get home today and my dear sweet Honey has eaten part of the wall around the cat door. Nothing compared to the number Isaac did on Jean's bathroom, but I was definitely surprised, especially considering she has never shown any sign (or ability for that matter, she has no top teeth) of being a chewer. But i don't think either of my cats could accomplish that. Thankfully as you can tell the wall wasn't finish after the cat door was put in.

I have noticed that since Ozzie has passed, she seems to pace more while we are out (how do i know this you ask - well Honey often leaves deposits behind the laundry room door and when i come how the deposits are well walked through - too much info?)
When oz was still here, I never noticed her seeming stressed at all when I would come home, most of the time she was still sleeping, but now she is behind the laundry room door waiting.

While I had Sandy out walking in the fields two weekends ago Carol said "I give you 2 months and you'll be bringing that dog home" We'll I'm cutting it short and bringing her home on saturday. We'll see how Sandy adjusts to being here and hopefully having another dog around helps honey relax and not eat walls.



hee hee... sorry i forgot to put that in the post. this shouldn't be a deterent for any future foster/adopt homes. And even if your foster/adopted saints dog does happen to eat your home, we are pretty good at making it look new again.


i would like to point out to the general public that only jean and nicole have saints dogs who apparently like to remodel, no one else who anyone might be considering adopting, would ever do anything like that to someones home. i am pretty sure this is true....(well, ok, maybe maude or sandy, but they don't do that here, but then they don't accidently get shut in bathrooms or have stupid tempting little cat doors that should be big enough for honey bears too.)


Sounds like a good idea Nicole. Honey must be lonely and I hope Sandy will help relieve some of that for her. Goodness me Honey drywall isn't good for you, and I'm sure it doesn't taste very good!


sandy can go for runs in the fields off leash now nicole, she is all ready for you now! she is such a great dog and honey will like her too.

(ok honey and sandy, no more eating houses..... i will be watching you both and i can see all the way to nicole's house!)


Oh Nicole, you made me laugh out loud!! You just weren't away long enough - Isaac has hardly any teeth (just nubs other than the eye teeth) - and you saw what he accomplished while I was out. Give her a bit more time, and she'll really do a number on that door.

At least your dad has practice repair and replacing dog-damaged doors. Don't know what the cat will think of the whole thing, though.

Yup, sounds like Honey needs some company. Of course, pairing her with a dog that supposedly had separation anxiety prior to coming to SAINTS could mean you end up with TWO huge holes instead of one. But Sandy is a sweetheart right now, so hopefully she will adjust really well and take a liking to Honey.

(By the way, stock up of stuffies - she is almost as good at killing them as Ozzie was!).

Or I could send Isaac to you and then you can have two pacers and plodders who want to stay outside and have to be guided back in so they can destroy doors.