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Alison  ·  Dec. 20, 2006

Someone sent a digital tympanic thermometer, yay, no more rectal temps!! you have no idea how painful it can be to try to take a rectal temp on a reluctant dog or a really outraged cat all by yourself. i swear sometimes the vets make me do it just to get even for all of the headaches i cause them. well now they can just go ahead and ask me what their temperatures are and i will tell them without all the whining and complaining that i usually do.

Murphy is driving me nutz tonight. Sam, a temporary house guest, is currently barking at me thru the kitchen door because he thinks I should be in the kitchen. Murphy is getting annoyed and is barking right back at him, telling him to shut up and get away from the door. When I tell murph to give it a rest, he runs over to me (and over top of jack who is trying to sleep by my feet), leaps up into the air, grabs my hand in his mouth and then runs back to the door to tell sam to shut up again. Murphy is way more annoying than sam is, sam just wants company, murphy wants to be boss.

cedric has stopped vomitting, wilbur's bloodsugars are climbing too high again, buddy and sissy have barely moved a foot away from the fireplace in 2 solid days, and phoebe has an interested potential adopter.

the washer/dryer repair guy was here on monday, he recognized that we have a problem with both the machines, then left to call the manufacturer rep and i haven't heard from him since...hmmmm

the barn roof just started leaking. the main house and the smaller shop roofs were done this year so maybe the barn and the big shop should get done next year, then they are all done and leak proof for awhile. roofs aren't much fun to replace tho, it is not like you can sit and look at them and go "wow!"

boo is sleeping on my lap...i just noticed that she finally looks like a nice, normal, and healthy that's worth a wow!



"Phoebe has a potential adopter"....oh, yes, yes, yes...there IS a Santa Claus!!!!! Paws and fingers crossed here!

Dear Santa:
Please find a potential adopter for Murphy, too.
Love, Jean.