Rescue Journal

Will this be the day.....

Jean  ·  Dec. 23, 2006

......I get to try out the new snowblower????? It is snowing here, though I'm betting it's just rain down in the valley.

Personally, I'm kinda hoping it doesn't accumulate to much until after Christmas - with a zillion things to do, I'm not sure that I want to add "digging out SAINTS with a new snowblower" (the instructions for which read something like the instruction manual for a 747) to my to-do list. And Carol has the schedule from h*ll for the next week or so.

Send warming vibes this way, please. :)



it is beginning to look alot like xmas! i dreaming of a white christmas.....not.
lol..i better get moving, i am playing santa for our mission vets today before i go to work at noon....don't want to get snowed in!