Rescue Journal

A Christmas Story

Alison  ·  Dec. 24, 2006

There are lot's of different christmas stories, everyone has one. This one is mine.

Two weeks before christmas and my world was upside down. The vet bills hadn't been paid in awhile and the snow had rocked our world. Everything seemed so hopeless and so very, very hard. Radar, Norton, Finnigan and Sam came and overextended us even further. They added insurmountable challenges. Radar peacefully passed, and so did Sam, Finnigan returned to his rescuers, no longer in pain and unleaky too and Norton continues to rock the boat every once in awhile. The biggest challenge was the struggle to save Baby Jack and Spritely, neither one old and so in my mind, both of them to weather the storm and stay awhile more. Mostly I can accept the losses, Radar and Sam were ready to go, but not the two barn guys, they were waiting for us to find the answers. We didn't find them. We lost Baby Jack, his ashes are here on the counter waiting for us to lay him to rest. Spritely stayed with us, but we just bought her another week or month or two.

Tonight is the night before Christmas, and all thru this house, there are creatures gently stirring on their warm bed and couch....Spritely is safe inside her stall and everyone else is well. The donations that came from the newspaper story have cleared all the vet bills, the feed bins are full and there are gifts for everyone tomorrow. I have heard from countless kind people who value what we do and some of them shared their own animal love stories that touched me thru and thru.

It is the night before Christmas and when I look all thru this house, I am eternally grateful; for Spritely, for compassion, for caring, for the outpouring of support, and for a world that can see what we see when we look at Bill, or Moses, or Michael or Gideon, or Pops.

This is the best Christmas story I have lived in yet.



I wish all the broken, lonely, hurt people on the planet could know, just for a brief moment, the kind of love that is SAINTS. I wish very animal ever born could know the respect that is SAINTS.
Our world has the potential to create misery and joy, war and peace. Fortunately, there exists a little Sanctuary in Mission, a place of pure goodness, perfect in its imperfections, that proves there is hope, there is love, there are little miracles.

Carol, my hope for you today, and every single day, is that you continue to find light in the darkness, and you continue to share your light with those of us fortunate enough to call you friend.


MERRY HO HO TO ALL .. wishing peace on earth to all the animals , everywhere.


Merry Christmas to everyone at Saints. I am so glad that it is a happy Christmas there for my human friends and all my furry ones as well. Let's hope it's a sign for the year to come!!!!!

Love, Rae


Great Christmas Story Carol! I am so glad that you have had an outpouring of donations from the newspaper story. I was so excited to read that you had enough to pay your vet bills. So many of us know the good you do and donations are all that WE can do. I wish you success, prosperity and an even better 2007!


Oh yea Jean! I hope you find someone to help you with building the "machine". Where are the good old days where everything came built???

Judy B

Merry, Merry Christmas to all who call SAINTS their home, and also to everyone else, wishing everyone a beautiful day and a wonderful holiday. After all, it's the memories we make throughout the year and at times like this that we hold precious in our hearts. Thinking of you Carol & Company... sleep well. xx


Merry Christmas, Carol. It has been a year of wonder and purpose and amazing experiences for me, all because of the incredible animals that you chose to take into your home to nurture and protect and love at SAINTS. And that has been an incredible gift to me, the best Christmas gift I have ever received. Merry Christmas to all the SAINTS and all the volunteers who look after them, and especially Merry Christmas to you for providing the place and the energy and the dream to bring it all to fruition.


It has been an insane year for you so far Carol, and a month which would cause most people to completely lose their sanity... but you have made it! A full year in your little leaky, challenging house. Some sorrow yes, but such a year so filled with Love. That is the most important thing of all. So may this and all your Christmases to come be filled with the Love of all your children.