Rescue Journal

Old King Ass-Cole and a few other not so saintly saints.

Alison  ·  Dec. 26, 2006

I came home this morning after an exceedingly long and painful shift (i only had 2 patients, and i ate everything in sight cuz i had nothing else to make the time pass and gave myself a stomach ache) and every one here was still sound asleep, except murphy. he came out to the cat porch and quietly wagged his tail to say hello. so i WHISPERED "good morning murph, how are you today?" and those bloody donkeys with their freaking long ears, must have heard me because they started screaming hello right back. needless to say, everyone woke up and had to shreak hello too, and i am sure that the neighbors just love me.

since everyone is awake, i decide to take the dogs for their run, phoebe is just about peeing her pants in anticipation and wasn't all that happy when jean delayed the process. i finally got them all out and maudie buggered off, further than usual, like she was on her way into town. so i put the dogs all away, except moses who was too slow to wait for and ended up trucking down Stave Lake Rd in search of the wayward maude. she eventually decided to turn around and ran the full mile back to me so i put her and phoebe who was still beside herself with excitement back into the house. then i went to find moses.

andy looked like he might come for a run so i took the other dogs back out with me, and sure enough andy came flying along. he was so happy, running here and there and back and forth and just joyfully having a blast without that annoying phoebe. but, then cole decided andy was having way too much fun and yelled at him. andy got upset and ran back to the gate and sat there waiting cuz now his fun was all gone. nice going cole!

i put the dogs away again and finally went to feed the barn their breakfast and set them loose for the day. gideon had managed to catch the clasp on his rain coat on to the 'u" of his hanging water bucket and was in the process of trying to pull the sucker out of the wall. he couldn't figure out that when i said move forward, it did not mean back away further, he must be dyslesic. (excuse the spelling error, i haven't slept yet and i am too lazy to find the dictionary)

petunia was absolutley pissed this morning because apparently pigs like to sleep til noon on boxing day.

ok, i guess i will start mopping the floors now.



Petunia's pissed because she KNEW I had melon with me when I dropped by this morning, and then I never did go out to the barn to give it to her. Tell her I'll be back in a bit and she better be in a happy piggy mood. After two days with my relatives, I need to hear happy piggy sounds.