Rescue Journal

I had a (weird) dream..

Jean  ·  Dec. 27, 2006

Maybe it was a result of the article on messy rooms that I read before bed last night (see my comment in the post below), but I had a most vivid and weird dream last night of a totally organized, clean and tidy SAINTS.

In the laundry area was a fancy antique dining table, all laid out with crystal and fine china while Carol whipped up a storm in the kitchen. The front hallway was...just a front hallway - a few coats and a few leashes and Michael the troll.

The rabbit room was an office, complete with an office person and a volunteer task board (what needs doing, who is going to do it, check mark when completed - that was SO vivid I even saw Mo's name beside "clean the barn" and my own beside "poop scooping"!). And the rabbit room was in the room BEHIND the current rabbit room, with a doorway to a beautiful garden out back (in the riding ring???) - where there were trees and bushes and bunnies hoping around, all looking suspiciously like Maple, the lop that Carol thinks is the SAINTS animal I'm most like.

The warehouse was just that - a warehouse with half of it filled with hay, and the other half with shelves and shelves and cupboards and cupboards of animal feed and animal supplies. And we obviously hadn't told the tenants, because they were outside with an old truck, looking in with a very confused expression on their faces!

And the garage was virtually empty! Carol's van was in there (except it was hooked up to a wagon of some sort!) and there was a workbench and a half dozen snowblowers.

I don't know what happened to the laundry or the idea of a multipurpose room - I think there was a room behind the garage that I never went into in my dream.

And then there was the scary parts of the dream. Firstly, the people to animal ratio: there were people everywhere, but not a whole lot of animals in sight. And that leads to the scariest part of the dream: In the big dog area, behind the fence, were quiet, well-behaved dogs lined up side by side (I remember andy and copper and tally - not sure who else) - like stuffies!! No life, just sitting there looking cute. And no matter what I did, I couldn't get them to move or bark or show excitement. Copper just looked at me, head high, brown eyes staring and accusing.

I guess the moral of the dream was that orderliness has its price. While having a little less chaos would be nice, the real heart of SAINTS is the life it holds. And life is chaotic.



sounds like stepford saints to me...but i bet in stepford, the saints don't leak either...hmmmm.