Rescue Journal

one of those moments....

Alison  ·  Dec. 27, 2006

i was concentrating pretty heavily on answering a thought provoking email when i felt soft and gentle paws reach up onto my leg. distractedly, i thought it was one of the cats and i finished typing a sentence before i looked down. there, looking up at me with the sweetest little face, waiting, was sissy. gosh she is adorable in a wierd and wrecked sort of way. so tiny, so innocent, so sweetly gentle in her quiet bid for a cuddle. i picked her up and she laid her cheek against my lips, inviting me to give her a kiss. she snuggled in for a moment or two. when she was done getting what she wanted, i set her back down and she went back to her place by the fire. she just gave and took a moment but it was enough to make us both feel good and loved.


Pat B

Bless you for taking such kind and loving care of those two little ones, Carol. For the first time in their lives they are surrounded by love and are safe, not to mention warm for the rest of their lives! Visiting your haven is good for the soul! Pat