Rescue Journal

real rescue is...

Alison  ·  Dec. 28, 2006

not being afraid to take a risk. not being afraid to rescue someone you may not like or that scares you alittle too.

when i was driving along lougheed hwy today, i saw fred quietly standing in the middle of the road with his head held high. "Holy crap", i thought as i swerved around him, "that's a chinese lizard dragon thing" and i kept going because i do not particulary like lizards, they scare me. and then the guilt started, what kind of rescuer was i to leave that cold-blooded scaley thing in the middle of the road. i pulled a U'ie and went back for him, sick that maybe he was already squished.

i grabbed a paper bag and a handful of paper towels, i put out my hand to stop traffic on the highway and i ran across the road to grab him.

fred was a rubber life like childs toy.

real rescue is not being afraid to be an absolute fool sometimes too.

saints welcomes fred. i am going to glue little magnets to his feet and stick him on my fridge to remind me that i can be utterly stupid on occasion but it is the thought behind the stupidity that counts.



I was also there when Fred arrived - I fully expected to see Carol pull something alive and furry out of the brown paper bag - a ferret? a mouse? a rat?
Fred is a very, very pretty lizard and I'm so glad Carol rescued him. I do not expect him to be too much trouble, and certainly a lot quieter than our Phoebe. However, I'm a little nervous that one of the dogs will get him, so maybe I should offer to foster Fred. And I don't mind if he sleeps in my bed.

Sylvie and Nicole - thanks for the update on our sweet, sweet Thomas. I'm so glad he had a great Christmas and remembered his manners around children. Please give him a cuddle from me.


Um, might one ask what breed a "Chinese dragon lizard thing" is? Is Fred a Bearded Dragon? An Iguana? A Gecko? Of course, he may be one of those rare " Breathing Fridge Magnet Lizards" I've heard about, but never seen.

I've also heard lizards like to sleep under the covers, next to humans wearing softy stuff. Sleep tight, oh scaly one.


We just had our first Christmas with Thomas. We were wondering what he was going to be like with two toddlers around. Toddlers who poke, run and scream.
Well Thomas surprised us all by being extremely patient and gentle and forgiving.
Occasionally we gave him a break and put him in his pen or in his own bedroom but most of the time he was out enjoying the Xmas tree and the good cheers and music.
Thomas is doing very well.There is not much to say besides that. He enjoys his blue ball and keeps asking everyone to play with him. He loves to run and go to the beach or just a simple walk up and down our long driveway.He eats well and love his daily sardines and seaweed.
He plays trick to us by pretending to fall asleep besides our bed and then slipping off to lie down on the coach ot the lazy boy where we find him fast asleep in the early morning.We still have not heard him bark so we wonder if he is mute or just so afraid to be scolded. Dear Thomas, he did not even bark at Santa.
Carol, I find your lizard story so very funny!!