Rescue Journal

all is well tonight.

Alison  ·  Dec. 29, 2006

it was a good day today. erika and rob came, cleaned the barn, poop scooped the top pasture, and built a seriously great gate to keep the donkeys out of trouble. i left them a bunch of odd scrap wood (i was sure we had way more good stuff around here) and rob built this fabulous gate...thx guys!

it was a really busy day at work but coming home was so nice. eva had gone nutz in the house and it just gleamed, the barn was spotless, jean had moved all the barn guys to bed so all i had to do was feed and medicate them. jean called and said tunie was hungry and should she feed her...luckily i am smarter than tunie and i said just give her half a scoop cuz that pig got up when i got home doing her "i am very hungry" thing thinking i didn't know that jean had just fed her. i gave her the other half a scoop and some carrots, apples and graham crackers (thx cathy and john!) and she was happy as a pig can be. carl slipped into gideons stall while i was feeding him and took the opportunity while gideon was busy to have a good long roll in the shavings at gideons feet. that horse is so phenomenolly kind and patient and understanding. carl quite enjoyed himself but now his coat is all messy again. spritely's leg still looks good, i try to be grateful each night and not waste the good times with worry.

lexie and tyra are happily sleeping in the kitchen. they just live for the evenings when i let them join me in there. all the other dogs are sleeping, some are wrapped in fleeces. i tried to wrap tally but it just excites him and he gets up out of his chair to follow me around and tell me that this is just so exciting, and thank you so much! sigh, so, no fleece for tally, he is too silly to fully appreciate that he is supposed to stay still to really enjoy it. he finally went back to his chair to watch for my next attempt. not going to happen buddy, you are sleeping fleeceless.

phoebe is wrapped up like a mummy and the chi's are still baking by the fire (that can't be good for their skin) but they like it so what the heck. cedric looks very handsome in his bright red sweater and wilbur is stunning in his faux diamond studded collar.

and best of all today is sandy who scared us all to death by panicking at the park when a strange dog approached her and slipped her collar and ran. she is such a smart dog, nicole was out looking for her for hours and deb mobilized VAS troops for her search too, but sandy being a very good dog managed to find her way home again on her own. knowing nicole, sandy probably followed the trail of her tears. i told nicole that if that dog had gotten hit by a car, i would have killed her (sandy, not nicole) cuz nicole has suffered enough heartache lately and sandy better not cause her more! anyway, all is well that ends so well and both nicole and sandy are safe tonight.



I was so glad to hear that Sandy had made it home safely. Poor Nicole must have been beside herself. Goes to show you the strength of love,it brought a scared Sandy back home to her!!!! How are Sandy and Honey getting along? Have they eaten anymore walls? I would love to read an update Nicole.


I am so very relieved that Sandy found her way home, especially as she has lived there for only a week! I think that means that she really, really , really likes it at Nicole's house!!!

If it wasn't Nicole's tears that led her home, it could be the smell of the five pounds of liver brownies she made the other day.