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little lost sandy

Nicole  ·  Dec. 29, 2006

So I was planning on writing a post on Sandy this morning, but was slightly distracted by her disappearing act. She was on a walk at a park near my house when a little dog approached her to quickly and she backed out of her collar and took off out of the park. After driving my neighbourhood for over 3 hours, my mother called and said i should come home. I instantly started crying thinking that VAS had called and that they had found her, dead. Thankfully my mother corrected me before i really lost it. Sandy was sitting on the door step when she came back from driving around. I have no idea how she made it back to our house in one piece as she's only been here 6 days. Anyways, her paws are sore and I'm sure her muscles are aching, but other than that she's alright. (Thank you so much, Deb, Chris and everyone at VAS)
Now to my real update on her. When I first brought her home she was a little 'uneasy' around the cats. At first she was scared of one of my cats and then it turned to a look like she was wanting to chase her. Eventually that has passed and last night one of my cats was sleeping on her (she didn't know there was a dog under the blanket).
We also had a 2 year old over yesterday, at first I didn't let Sandy near him, but she wasn't bothered too much by the loud shreaking that was ocassionally coming from him. I'm sure she could feel a little of my stress, but she was great, even gave him a little kiss.
She loves to sleep on the bed and curls up into a tiny ball like a cat and she's also a great passenger in the car. She's shy of strangers on the street, but in the house, she demands attention from anyone new.
I just can't imagine the situation someone would have to be in to let her go as she an amazing gem of a dog (like all SAINTS), but I am so happy she found her way to SAINTS.


Chris T

I was so relieved to hear that Sandy had returned. I hate that feeling you have while you are driving around looking for them. Hold her extra close tonight! And remember that sh*t happens and it is not your fault!!!


I'm glad Sandy is doing so well for you Nicole! The fact that she found her way back to your house is a very good thing, it means she now thinks of you as home. Congratulations for you and your new girl!


Hey Nicole, is Sandy getting a Martingale collar as a belated Christmas gift????

Between liver brownies, beds to sleep on, pizza nights, and lots of lovin', Sandy no doubt felt it was well worth her while to find her way home.


lol, well i am even happier that she found her way to you! i lost tyra once when she was 6 months old in downtown vancouver. it was cold and rainy and she panicked over something and my frozen fingers could not stop the wet nylon leash from sliding right out of my hands. (now i only use leather leashes when i am out with them)
it is called the moment of a thousand deaths. anyway, my story ended well too, tyrajane is still around to get all the volunteers and visitors dirty!