Rescue Journal

SAINTS welcomes "Handsome Dexter"

Alison  ·  Dec. 31, 2006

he is just like a chocolate coated shamus and watching this very old and wrecked dog waiting in the freezing pond for someone to please throw him another stick, just melts you into a pile of goo. gosh he is sweet. he had THREE field runs today and he keeps going to the back gate hoping for more. he has a large malignant mass on his hip so he is not with us for long but boy are we gonna spoil him rotten for every second that we can! Dex is a doll, he lets me wrap him up in fleecy's and he really likes deb's banana bread too. my kind of guy, i love labs, they live right up until the very last moment.



"Handsome Dexter" will no doubt morph into "Sexy Dexy". I can't wait to meet the chocolate covered dream dog.


Hmmmmm....sounds like I'm gonna have competition for the yummy goodies that come from Deb's kitchen. But for a lab? Ahhhhh, my favourite breed - I'll share. Heck, I'll let you have them all. Well, nearly all.

Can't wait to meet you, Dexter!

Chris T

A big welcome to Dexter. I am sure that Deb will keep the treats flowing to SAINTS!


He sounds wonderful Carol. Welcome Dexter, welcome to the land of Banana Bread, Timbits, pizza, runs in the field, and wonderful hugs!!!!!