Rescue Journal

it is an odd world in rescue.

Alison  ·  Jan. 1, 2007

about a month ago i had an email from a friend working in a shelter. there was a 16 yr old cat that was at risk. she was willing to take him home if she had to but had wanted to adopt our suzie who was living in the bathroom and she only had room for one more. we decided that suzie would stay here as she had a potential home interested and she was settled here anyway, and my friend would try the old guy at her place.

well, suzie did get her home, and the old guy went home with my friend, so all should have been well. except he is a bit of a bully cat and causing havoc in her home. going back to the shelter is not an option as he was already determined to be unadoptable. so by a slightly circular route, tigger has finally made it here. and the first thing he is losing is his name. every second cat abandoned is named tigger. it must have something to do with people who read winnie the pooh stories and then go looking for a cat.

so tonight my task is finding a suitable name for our new 16 year old cat, one that just maybe will give him something more lasting than a popular dumping name.

the chinese believe that whatever you are doiing on new years day, is what you will be doing for the rest of the year. heaven help me please.



sam and endora are safe and more importantly so is sweet and gentle de-clawed julie...tigger woods is in the cat room...if he feels the need to rumble, i am sure the fruit loopies or beaver oh good lord even boo if he is stupid enought to try that crap on her will be happy to oblige. he better leave harrison alone tho cuz i don't want to have to move harrison back out into the main part of the house, he pees on my bed and i like him in the cat room better. dogs are so much easier, you can tell them to knock it off and they stop cuz you are mad at them...cats just flip you the tail and go right at it again.


Chris, The Chinese New year this year is February 18th. Carol, isn't that the date of your brother's wedding? That means you'll be dressed up in finery and doing the small-talk thing for the rest of the year! LOL!

If the saying does apply to today, I'm in big trouble. I scooped poop, worked on boring paid work stuff, and am about to explore under the house in search of yet another dead rat, the odor of which has invaded my living room and bedroom. Ugh - I do not want to be doing this for the whole year!


Welcome, Tigger Woods. Please don't bully any of our sweet kitties - especially not Sam and Endora who are finally starting to emerge from under the bed!


Good thing because if I remember correctly Tiger Williams was a bit of a brawler,...... that you don't need at Saints.


LOL ( i suck at famous people's names)...ok, sorry, his name is Tigger Woods then, cuz i want him to chase balls, and i don't have any pucks.

Judy B

Forgive me if I'm wrong but Tiger Williams is a retired hockey pro or are you talking about someone totally different? Tiger Woods maybe???


good names but i want to keep some familiar part of his name for him...i think we will call him Tigger Williams, he can be a cross between the innocent but stupid orange tiger and the world class golfer. maybe he can amuse himself chasing balls instead of cats.


a name hey what.. let's see... some of my favourite boy names:
what about Chester?

Chris T

I suspect the Chinese saying applies to Chinese New Year. Not sure when that is but you should have some time to plan. LOL