Rescue Journal

For Kelly and Dexter

Alison  ·  Jan. 4, 2007

The thing about rescue is, remove all the politics, pettiness and the bullshit, and it is raw, brutal, absolutely shining, pure, emotion. Kelly lost one of her re-homed rescue dogs today and the story of that heart wrenching tale is hers. But I want to mark the passing of Dexter, the dog that she loved so well. And I want to mark the tears of Kelly's sorrow, once we love them, we never stop. I believe that the darkness is just darkness, and the light will come again.

may you both find the gift of peace in the hearts of those who felt your love surround them.



Thanks for posting this Carol. I know Kelly and Dexter's adoptive family are devastated and heartbroken, and many who knew Dexter and his story are grieving today.

Kelly, while your spirit heals many of us will keep a special watch over the breed you love so much.