Rescue Journal

more seniors...

Alison  ·  Jan. 5, 2007

there is a 30 year old gelding that needs a safe place to land. we won't have room til jenny and winston leave. and there is a 16 year old deaf pom coming in tomorrow. he has been with the same family for sixteen years so he won't like it here. apparently they are moving and there is no room for him in their new home, he must be a big pom, sigh.



Ha ha - Caroline, welcome to the club. Carol and I have talked about this dream for nearly a year, and periodically surf the real estate market looking at the fantastic properties, even multi-home properties on tons of acreage, one can get for very little money by moving north or east. Retirement can't come soon enough for me (too bad one really NEEDS a pension to live on, even if collectively we'd be mortgage free!)


I just checked Best Friends, WOW, that looks like an incredible place!
I like your dreams!! even smaller would be fantastic!! That would be wonderful and we could set up some modular homes so we all could live on site would honestly be a Heaven on earth! Now you got us going!


who said i was you know how best friends got started? a bunch of people with one big dream and voila! 3000 acres, 1800 animals, a world class sanctuary, a international education program,and a yearly 25 million dollar operating budget.

i am dreaming much smaller than that!


Carol you should not joke about buying a ranch , Mike and I would actually seriously consider being part of that. While we hardly ever have time to come out to SAINTS, we both love being there and the thought of living out in the country has always been our dream!!
so be careful what you wish for!!


nope, this is a brand new old one! i think we are going to have to buy a ranch...who wants to chip in, move out to the big country and become a saints slave for life?


... once again a human being is shirking their responsibilty, poor dog . Is the gelding the same guy who has been waiting for a while ?


I will never, never, never, never understand how people can share their home with a dog for 16 years and then abandon it.

The exception, of course, is seniors who are going into a care facility. For them (and their pets), I have the utmost compassion; so very few assisted living or long term care facilities allow pets.