Rescue Journal

saturday at saints

Alison  ·  Jan. 6, 2007

We had several sets of really nice visitors, it is so nice to share this place filled with such wonderful creatures with others.

Sandy of course has arrived and is settling in.

Murph moved to a permanent foster home today, he went with his foster mom from the vets and I am sure I got the "hey! you are forgetting someone here", look.

Handsome Dex survived his vet visit and had a burger at McDonalds. The vet does not think the cancer has spread into his lungs as they are clear. He thinks Dex's difficulty in breathing during exertion, stems from a slowly progressive disease of labs that causes paralysis of the muscles on each side of the larynx. I am not going to worry about it as there is no appropriate treatment for a dog of Dex's age. I am sure there are a myraid of things (including his cancer) that will kill him well before that does.

Spritely's leg is swelling again. Mo and I stood outside her stall talking is half sentences and saying, "I know" to each other with every single half spoken thought. Nicole arrived and looked in on Spritely too while we were standing there thinking and not actually speaking and said "her leg is swelling again"

ahhh Spritely, it has only been a month...not yet please.



ohhhh...he woiuld stand out in the cat run waiting and waiting for me to come in and when i did, he would rush over, jump up and fall over cuz he is a klutz that sucks at jumping. tell her to feed some cookies (good human ones, not crappy dog ones) so he hangs out inside with her. the way to murphy's heart is directly thru his stomach!

Chris T

I just heard from Janice - Murphy is settling in thus far although he wants to be outside on the balcony alot. Will keep you posted!


it was december the 7th when spritely took that wonderful first hobbling but weight bearing step and stopped us from taking her life, the time before was a mere month before that and a month before that in october too, and here we are again in the new year, watching and frightened of what is to come. she was running across the field last week, i told her not to run! all we can hope is that this time is not as bad as the last, because we cannot let her go there again.

Chris T

Oh no!!! Not Spritely's leg again! Is it related to the snow and the colder weather? Maybe she can't walk as much as she needs to?? You need a covered walking area for Spritely. Uggh!