Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Jan. 8, 2007

funny how things change overnight. maude who is 14 years old and can run and run and run and run. who can scale the fences here with a bit of effort and a willing heart. who leaps up upon my bed each night and whenever i go out to lay across my pillows.

last night, she could not jump up onto the bed. she tried and tried, but she couldn't do it. i got up to help her but that just pissed her off so she slept on the floor beside me on a soft bed. is that how old age creeps up on you? boom, one day you can't do what you did the day before? where is the creeping part of that?

don't worry maudie, i will find some small, plastic pee proof steps so you can still get up and i can still move in that tiny room and the pee'rs in our life won't make them smell cuz we can bleach them!

life changes, and we change with it and one way or another, maude can still have her freaking bed!



chris bought maudie a step stool...i am still trying to get her to use it!

Chris T

Rubbermaid makes a step stool - it has 2 steps on it. It was enough for the Chunk (when she was not being a princess) to get up on the bed. You can probably find one at london drugs.


Aww Maudie, let's hope this is just a temporary set back brought on by aching muscles from all the exercise yesterday.
Carol, one idea for plastic steps might be those step things people use for step aerobics - like most exercise equipment, they often turn up in thrift stores and garage sales. Or take the wooden steps you had, remove the carpeting, and cover it with lino scraps or stick-on lino tile instead. Or what about the car ramp hooked onto the bedframe near the end of the bed? (Of course, I envision a whole PARADE of dogs and cats walking up that ramp to join you at nighttime!:) )