Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Jan. 9, 2007

deb and angelina came out today, i forgot they were coming so i worked thru lunch and got off early so i could stock up the barn, clean the stalls and get the dogs out for a run all before the big storm hits.

the barn is done (and spotlessly clean) the dogs are run and brushed and happy, there are peanut butter cookies gracing the counter (only briefly), all thx to deb and angelina.... kathy had the house all done and the laundry caught up, ted moved the phone, the white board and hung the picture of the dog within my beloved peter..... and eva has finished the rabbits.

my goodness, i feel like a lady of leisure, i think i will do my laundry for a change tonight.

what i learned today...

A. the world is full of goodness and good people.

B. the barn animals think i won't run over them with my van.

C. spritely likes me enough to gently lick my hands.

D. petunia doesn't like her house messed with (but tunie, it is so very clean!)

E. and the lower field is dangerous in a windstorm, but the dogs don't care. (we heard a tree go down just a few feet behind us.)

thx guys, good day at saints and i just caught the tail end!!!!


Chris T

And now she is walking around the house chanting "oh my homies a homo". Thanks Carol!


I don't use the word "Homo" referring to people, only milk. The Buddhists obviously use the word "Homo" to describe people. I prefer "Dyke". Or "Lesbian". Or "Queer".


i am getting chest pain so both of you be good. sheesh.
nicole please see me about the new banned word list, it is getting longer!
and why is it that african americans can say the "n" word and first nations people can say the "i" word, and
homosexuals can use the shortened "h' word and i cringe with them all? i am going to have a hot bath to think about this.


Hey Copper may be a dork, but he's MY dork! And I think he looks cute in his daisy!

Tunie used to swear at me, too, but now that she knows me she chatters away happily when I'm in there. Let someone new come in, though, and her language would make a sailor blush. Moral of the story: go there often enough, Deb, and Tunie will chatter happily at you, too. (Feeding her pieces of cantelope, with the rind cut off, goes a long way toward making friends with her. She's a food slut, too!!! LOL)


Oh, oh, I almost forgot the most important thing I learned today at SAINTS!!

The Buddhist chant thingy that Michael hates so much says "Ooooooh myyyyyy, aaaaaall myyyyyy hoooooomies aaaaaare homoooooos"

Yup, "oh my, all my homies are homos." Listen to it (just let Michael out of the kitchen first). Ask Eva, ask Angelina.


lol...copper is a dork isn't he? and tunie gets over it, she used to hate me too, but she would really like your "he is swimming" voice, she likes that kind of voice alot except you have to say someting flattering to her when you do it.
after you left, we had thunder, and more hail and now snow too!
talk about all season weather in just a few hours!


What I learned today:
a) Petunia hates me(and not just a little, either).
b) Wet shavings are able to penetrate multiple layers of clothing.
c) Maudie is a puppy. There is no way that dog can be into double digits!
d) Carol thinks she walks softly and carries a big stick. The barn guys know she's a pushover.
e) It can piss rain, then be sunny, then hail, all in the span of 10 minutes.
f) It is always windy when one is shovelling shavings.
g) I have even more respect for Carol today than I did yesterday (and I had a lot yesterday).
h) Making cookies for cookie lovers is fun.
i) Copper really looks like a dork in his daisy.
j) Dexter really is beautiful.
k) SAINTS really is a small piece of Paradise, even in the pouring rain and gale force wind.