Rescue Journal

a couple of other simple truths

Alison  ·  Jan. 10, 2007

1.caffine works better at night than in the morning at causing "wide awake"

2. a foot of freshly fallen snow hides many hidden dangers to ones shoes. one ages, one should take one's eye off the proverbial ball (ie cookie) and keep said eye on one's own feet.

4 a six inch fall off his bed for a little guy like cedric is the same as a 3 and a half foot fall from someone's bed like me, it's all relative to one's size (and i said i would give you some of the cookie, we are allowed here to eat cookies in bed!)

5. peanut butter cookies are a multi-species breakfast food item.

6. snow blowers are useless without gas.



Oh, and one other simple truth: If you pack yourself a nice healthy lunch to take to work, and then get sidetracked dragging/bribing/cajoling a 60 pound shepherd inside when you are ready to leave, you'll leave the lunch sitting on the kitchen table. Aaarrrgh!


Carol, I thought John and Ted put gas in the snowblower - they had it up and running, so there must have been SOME gas in it. Just check the manual (which is in my folder) to see whether the gas has to be mixed or plain - you may be able to use the stuff for the lawnmower.
Sounds like you need to get one of those bed rails like little kids use, to stop the critters falling off the bed! Poor Ceddy.

Some truths of my own:
A 60 pound Shepherd cross, no matter how old and wrecked, won't be moved if he doesn't want to move.

Said shepherd can also rip a molding off a back door in less time than it takes a human to run from the bedroom to the back door.

No matter how cold it is, if you shovel snow when you have the flu, you will be hot and sweaty in no time and your nice clean office clothes will feel like cr*p.

Employers never declare a "snow day" on the days you would REALLY like a snow day.

I'm off to work. If you see a pile of woodchips where my house used to be, go look for Isaac.