Rescue Journal

it was a scarey ride home today

Alison  ·  Jan. 10, 2007

and i left early as soon as they closed down lougheed hwy. they closed/opened/ closed again, dewdney trunk rd too...i snuck thru in the brief open window. i was flipping out, there is like 2 roads into mission and 60 needy animals at the end of my road home and they were busy closing both roads right around me....poor chris, i called her and dictated my will just in case (i am drawing up a new and improved one but am still fine tuning it) lol deb offered to come and get me and drive me home (apparently people don't think too highly of my mini van's ability to circumvent road closures) but i declined since she is one of the main suckers in the will and alot help it would be if she died right along with me.

anyway, i made it home safe and sound and with a handful of peanut butter cookies and a cup of hot tea, i am ready to tackle the barn. from the pathetic wailing coming from yonder field, the donkeys don't much like the snow so i better move it and quickly too.



The roads aren't too bad, but if you are going anywhere today, Carol, don't take the stretch of Ferndale in front of my place- it is sheer ice and not sanded or salted at all. UGH.


maple ridge was only such a disaster zone because unlike misson, who had the plows and sanders out in force as soon as the weather changed, maple ridge spent their snow budget somewhere else so they were not out dealing proactively with the problem just reacting to the consequences. if i paid taxes there i would be choked. mission did a good job, way to go mission!


We got maybe a foot of snow here, Rae - Maple Ridge got hit worse as far as icy roads went (thank goodness Carol got home safely - some didn't). Today it is very cold and windy and icy. I have to go to work, so we'll see what it's like down below in a few minutes.
Carol, I'm coming home around noon today so will snowblow the driveway (and any other areas) then.

Chris T

It is a good thing I was a secretary in a former life that is all I can say!


I'm so glad you made it home! Where would any of us (furred, scaled, feathered and skinned....although skinned sounds really bad) be without you?


I wondered how you were doing - UCFV closed down at 1:00 so I got home just before the worst of it. Still, it was pretty icy.
If there's no classes tomorrow, I'll come over and play with the snowblower. Four wheel drive and awesome new winter tires and I'm good to go...I think (famous last words - watch me get stuck tomorrow).