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bad mood, one phone call too many.

Alison  ·  Jan. 11, 2007

people can read about, or hear about, or visit saints and the wheels start turning....apparently we are the problem solvers of the world. we are the spring board to whatever, and golly we have some cute little doggies that we are just waiting to unload into someone else's willing hands, and we are eagerly awaiting the next dropped off soul too.

sigh, it doesn't work like that. contrary to popular belief, i am not all that fond of having my floors peed on, or having my hands bitten, or tripping over everyone elses problem. i am not that keen on dealing with neglected medical issues and watching my debt grow and my resources shrink. i get cranky when i have to fill up my days which are fuller than most everyone elses with other people's responsibilities. and i certainly am not out there tossing animals out into just any old home that happens to come along. despite what humans think they are entitled to own..

i get tired sometimes because i make myself do what my committments require. somedays i force myself to follow thru with what i promised. i don't have the luxury of saying, i don't have time, i changed my mind or i don't have money or i just can't do it. i do it because i have to, i do it because i said i would, and i do it because if i don't, it won't get done. and then who suffers? not me, not the offloaders, not the ones who are running straight out the gate...but the animals, who are the only innocent, without choice, true victims among us.

some days, i just want to yell thru the phone or the email, please, just shut up, quit whining and offering excuses and do what you are asking me to do, which is meet your responsibilities, which is be compassionate and caring to your animal, which is to make your life easier, cuz, truly, i wouldn't know what to do with a little bit easy myself.

anyway, i would like to yell all those things and more, but i won't. maybe someday i will.



mo..that is a great idea!

and we are going to have to do something about gypsy (25 yr old horse with the elderly owner who has been waiting for months to get in)...her mom has broken her hip (teen neighbor is feeding her once a day and it is a wander in/wander out barn)...i told her to try the other horse rescues for now, but if/when the donkeys go, that horse is the next one in if she hasn't found her a place. she wants gypsy here if she can....that call was ok, i just felt bad not being able to help either of them.


I was trying to edit my post & realized.. I can't remember how to get in... Nicole can you E-mail me ?

I can't fathom being you Carol, I know how hard it is for you to say no... is this the flip side to having a wonderful article in the paper ? Are you receiving more than normal calls ?
What do you think about putting something in the surrender papers that says " as a condition of SAINTS accepting my ( insert animal type here ) in the future, I will take into account the life long commitment required before taking on the responsibilty of another living/breathing/feeling animal

Or something along those lines..

I hope tomorrow your phone brings nothing but good news !!


no one, i said no to all three. today that was my job for everyone else here. 

Chris T

Really all I think any of us can do is to live up to our own responsibilities and encourage everyone we come into contact with to do the same. To lead by example. Confront the backyard breeder in your office, as calmly as you can. Explain how there are too many animals already and it doesn't matter that your dog is a rare breed and the puppies can be sold for $1500. Encourage the person you know who is going to get rid of her animals to move into a coop that will only take one of them. It is so overwhelming it is really hard to know where to begin. And Carol - know that we are here for you and the animals when you need to vent or you need some help.