Rescue Journal

this weeks watch list...

Alison  ·  Jan. 11, 2007

moses...refused our walk this morning, he came out and then wandered back in on his own without coming out into the fields....hmmm, not good. falling over sometimes and can't right himself back up again. if i stick him back up on his feet, he is good to go but he needs help getting back up there.....hmmmmm, not good either.

michael...he is sliding into old and crippled...ok, so he was there ever since he got here, but now he is finally noticing it.

maudie, might have just lost her morning runs...she buggered out of the fence as usual, came back after a quick run down the neighbors drive and back and briefly buggered off again. except the second time she met up with one of the neighbors dogs...i heard the ruckus, i heard the neighbor yelling at his dog to get off her, and she ran back thru the fence before i had a chance to go save her. she was covered with frozen saliva all along her back (it is very cold up here and it froze within mere minutes) but appears to be free of any punctures or abrasions. hmmmm.... maudie, why can't you run and run and run around inside the fence where it is safe and there is ton's of space? now you are on a leash til we save the money to put in smaller gauge fencing mesh and it is not my fault.

spritely's leg is up, then down, then up again....ok...not great but better that then up and staying up. lately she is actually starting to recognise me as someone useful to have around. today when i let them out, she went to the outside empty water buckets looking for a drink. so i said, "hang on i will get you some" and went back into the barn to fill up a bucket. she wandered off to the hay piles out in the field. when i came back with the bucket of water, i called her and she knew i had the water for her cuz she knew i would get her what she wanted so she came right back and had a good long drink. it made me feel good to be such a perfect, meeting her needs as soon as she needed, servant!



Carol, I believe I have a good amount of footage of chain link fence kicking around somewhere, if it would help at all? - most of the poles are still there as well.

super confused nicole

me too, don't write that, i kept reading and re-reading and couldn't figure out why you wouldn't have mentioned it on the phone... then my brain started working, but still.


Carol , you made my heart drop into my stomach ... when I read the 1st line of this post, I thought Moses had PASSED on your walk, you know the kind of passed I mean , Whew ! I'm sneaking on here at work again... and after that scare... I need a smoke.

Will be there Sat... tell Moses to save his strength for a walk & hanging out while I do stalls.