Rescue Journal

almost too late, but we squeezed in the evening run

Alison  ·  Jan. 12, 2007

i got kinda behind today and by the time i was finishing the barn it was getting dark. shoot! i missed the evening walk, but then i thought, that is not fair to them. so i shoved the barn guys into their stalls and tossed them some hay to hold them for a bit. i grabbed most of the dogs but not maudie, norton, copper or jazz cuz it was just too dark to take them out, and off we went. i do not know what i was thinking, it will be another 5 days now before they get out in the evening again, cuz i am back to work tomorrow. how many more evening walks do moses, and dexter and bill actually have? not fair to rip them off because of my poor planning. they had a blast, i think cole likes running in the shadows best anyway. the dark dogs show up against the white snow so it was easy to round everyone up again when we were done. moses couldn't finish the walk and came home early again on his own. right after i finished feeding the barn guys and came back in, ellen arrived with some great large fleece coats for the big dogs, hey, they get cold too.. dexter is sporting a jungle print, and i am just about to go stick a ruby flowery one on moses too. thx ellen, those are really nice and toasty after a cold winter evening run.



omg! 2 chuckles in one night, you are on a roll!
and yes it is still hanging there...stubborn little sucker, ain't it?


Is that killer branch still hanging by a twig, or has it finally fallen? I'm not sure traipsing out there in the dark with huge rogue tree limbs just waiting to fall on your head is the best idea......

Maybe we need to outfit you with a Miner's hardhat and lamp. We could call you Dough Head, the eighth dwarf.


Awww, that's so sweet - I bet Dexter in a fleecy looks adorable.

Sorry I didn't get back to do the barn Carol; my morning appoint ran late and then I didn't get home from work until well after 5:00 and figured it would be done by then. I'll usually do it on Fridays - just once a month I have department meetings and it happened to be today. Thanks for taking Isaac in to the vet for me - sorry if it screwed up your day.


Yes, I must say Dexter did look quite dashing in his new duds. Stay cozy and comfy, Dexter and Moses... And share your coats with the others when it's their turn to need them.
Thanks for the tea, Carol.