Rescue Journal

oh crap

Alison  ·  Jan. 12, 2007

the bank sent out an appraiser to evaluate the property so i could have a better deal on the existing interest rate on my personal line of credit (which paid for the painting and the 2 new roofs). sadly they did not send out the very nice man that appraised my house in maple ridge and really liked me and the animals. they sent out the fellow who originally appraised this place when i bought it and thinks i am crazy and the property is crap.

shit, the snow is covering the new roofs, i forgot he was coming so the cleaning isn't done, and there are alot of animals here for someone who thought i was crazy even before he saw the place packed full of animals....there goes the lower interest rate and the appraisal fee right out the window. oh well whatever, the horses are hungry and now i am even later feeding them then i was before. and jack and dexter don't care about interest rates, they care more that i just ate the last peanut butter cookie.



Hope all went well and he wasn't a total doorknob. Last time we had our house appraised the appraiser fell on the sidewalk(didn't tell me) and 7 months later we were contacted by WCB's lawyer telling us they were sueing us for costs inccured. It all got worked out but I didn't love our appraiser much either after that!!!!!!

P.S Saints does look great with all the work everyone has done and with the housing market growing so fast you would think a Sanctuary would be a better investment for the bank than what the last tenants were doing!!!! I agree with Deb he should keep his personal opinions to himself and look at the property.


If his appraisal is not 100% professional, if he shows bias at all, I would suggest you ask for a second appraisal (by someone with a clue). The fact is that the property has been vastly improved, and the value is much greater. Dude with the 'tude needs to keep his personal opinions to himself.


That really sucks, Carol. But with all the improvements done in the year or so since you moved there, the appraisal should still be considerably higher than it was before, even if the place didn't show well and the guy thinks you're crazy.