Rescue Journal

the tree in a dogs life.

Alison  ·  Jan. 12, 2007

the process of "bonding" or the transfer of affections with dogs to a new human can be fast or slow. jack, maudie and lexie decided within hours that i am theirs and that is the end of the story as far as they are concerned. norton took a couple of weeks, dexter took over night. all the dogs eventually bond with me deeply. while i would like to pretend it is because i am such an incredible person, that would be a lie. they all bond with me because i am "it". i am the one and only, many hours a day, consistent human in their lives. all of them will bond with another if they ever find a home. cases in point...sandy 1, murphy and phoebe. all doing well in their new homes and bonding well with their new families, and all of them finally home.

little sandy 2 has taken some time. today he is slowing down on his constant look out for his family's return. he is actually paying attention to what i am doing for a change. he just spent my bath time, giving me little sweet kisses over the rim of the tub and laying patiently on the matt next to the tub for me to finish.

i told jean earlier this week that dogs adjust, they don't commit suicide when their lives turn upside down. and this is true. finally, i see some signs of sandy's adjustment but i still think it is sad that he has had to do this at this time of his life.

i think by the time humans or animals become old, they should be given an end of life grace period. if they have survived and adjusted and met all the challenges that a long life gives, to me it is only fair that at the end of their roads, their lives become predictable and safe.

sandy doesn't love me yet, but he is tying his leash so to speak to the safest (and only) tree in his forest. next week or next month, he will give all of himself to me. because that is what dogs do, if you let them. i am still looking for a better tree for you sadman.



I don't know that he'll find a better tree than you, Carol, but I'm betting he'd prefer not to have to share the only tree in the forest with a whole bunch of other critters and obligations. I, too, hope he finds that tree. He is a wonderful dog, with bright intelligent eyes and I'd love to see the sadness and puzzlement in them replaced with contentment.