Rescue Journal

We have a little challenge

Jean  ·  Jan. 14, 2007

Carol fell today while at her paid job and broke her ankle - of course, she doesn't do anything by halves, so this break requires surgery which will occur Tuesday. She has been told she will not be weight-bearing for three months.

So.....Chris is coordinating a volunteer schedule to ensure that all the necessary tasks are taken care of - mucking out the barn, feeding and medicating animals, cleaning the house, etc. Since nearly all of us also have full time paid jobs, this is going to be quite a challenge.

We need every volunteer who can help out, in whatever way possible, to let us know what they can do to help and when they can do it. Even if you can commit to a half hour one day a week to pooper scoop, it's one less thing on the "gotta get done" list for the rest of us.

Please let us know what you can do to help and when you can do it - organization will be key in keeping everything running smoothly.

You can contact Chris at (gosh, I hope this is the right info - Chris, correct me if I'm wrong).

I told Carol today that it could be a lot worse - at least she can talk and guide us through things and answer our questions - she's not comatose. Of course, after a couple of weeks of having to deal with an immobile but vocal Carol, we may wish she was! (Just kidding, Carol, just kidding!).

Carol, get well soon and QUIT WORRYING!!!!!



Oh no. Terrible news. I guess we'll all need to toast a glass of baileys to a speedy recovery.

I know I haven't been out in the past few weeks, I've been suuuuper busy. I will email Chris and make more of an effort to find time to get out there and help.


Well, we probably don't want a whole rush of Sun subscribers rushing out unannounced. Management - people and resources - is important in a time of chaos.
Any blog readers who would like to know what they can do should contact Chris at the email address in this post. You don't have to do hands-on with the animals if you're not comfortable with that - we need people to fill water bottles, take home dirty laundry and return it clean, pick up supplies etc - all time-consuming activities that would allow those of us who look after the animals to do our jobs more efficiently.


YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSS this is aweful, she must be worried sick how wonderful too see every one chipping in like this. did you psot it on Brindle?

Carol will need webcams all over the place so she can see that all is well. A call to the Sun who did her story is soemthign that should be done PRONTO !!!


just emailed Chris.
My heart goes out to you as well, a broken ankle sucks. Do we get to make a daisy to put around your cast so you don't bump it into things????

A sense of humor, friends and plenty of Bailey's will get you through! And of course lots of hugs and kisses from the kids too

Carol J

My heart goes out to you.

The only silver lining is that you did it at work.
However dealing with WBC is no cake pun intended ( since ya can't walk anyways.)

Words of advice from me who rehabed hubby last year.
DO NOT... DO NOT try to wt bear too early.
If you will bugger up your ankle for the rest of your life.
If you want to have a perfect heal....taek it easy.
Crutches, wheelchairs and walkers are your friends!

Enjoy the drugs during surgery...and after and don't get constipated. Take colace.

Hang in there girl, you should be 100% wt bearing by April or May!!


Oh Carol!!! I am so sorry to hear about your ankle...don't fret, all will be well.

Deb and I were talking today and she is committed to becoming Petunia's new best friend. I think she mentioned that she would be singing silly songs to her when she was cleaning stalls....oh, and reading her bedtime stories. :)



OMG! :( I was horrified to read the blog tonight. I so wish I could be there to help in some way but if there is anything I can do from Saskatchewan, let me know. I do clerical work quite well but not sure if there is any need for that. I will contact Chris and let her know I am available for any long-distance help. Take care Jean - I know you can do it with help.


All's quiet tonight, though there are a few puzzled animals. Petunia Pig hustled out of her stall in search of Carol - I think she was going to complain about the service or the size of her portions or something. I had a difficult time persuading her that now was NOT the time for a walk and she really had to get back in her stall for the night.

Maudie was most upset at losing her bed-buddy. I tried to explain, but she wasn't having any of it. According to Maudie, Carol was past curfew and obviously I had something to do with it.

Michael recognized the signs of a Carol-less night and made sure he went out to do his business at least six times - each time followed by Norton, Dexter, and whatever other dogs were underfoot at the time. And of course all the dogs knew that if they looked pathetic enough Eva and I would try to comfort them with extra cheese and extra cookies. And we did.

G'night all.


oh boy Carol, so sorry to hear about this, try not to stress as everything will work out just fine. You have a great group of people that help you out regualarily. You will be ok, just take care of yourself and heal well.

Chris T

That is the correct address Jean. I may post here for any urgent times. We are pretty good for the next 2 days but we will see how it goes!


What an awful way to start the New Year. Get better quick Carol. And if at all humanly possible please take care of yourself so you can heal. If there's anything I can do long distance like correspondence or anything please don't hesitate to ask.


Oh my goodness!! Please give Carol a get well hug from me. Oh how I wish I was closer so I could help out with more than cyber hugs!!


For the most part, I will. I just live around the corner so can move back and forth easily.


We'll also have to get the house prepared for Carol's homecoming....whenever that happens. The Sanctuary isn't really mobility-challenged friendly. Yikes! We'll figure it all out, but what a logistical nightmare. There is also the well known fact that nurses make horrid patients, it'll be hard to keep this good Yankee down.

Poor Carol, this just sucks!