Rescue Journal

All's quiet at SAINTS tonight

Jean  ·  Jan. 15, 2007

The barn animals went to bed nicely (lulling Julie into a false sense of security as I was showing her the ropes - wait 'til she does it on her own and they all decided to go into the wrong stalls!). We were accompanied by a lovely lullaby from Petunia who wanted an evening stroll but was very pleasant about the whole thing.

The dogs are snoozing quietly, though Michael the troll is a little pissed off at the cats who have taken over two of the kitchen beds.

Sandy is looking a little forlorn, so we went for a nice late night walk (who ARE those guys who always hang out in their truck by the school yard all evening??? Creepy!) and then he drank a gallon of water before settling in for the night. Morning cleanup crew - expect a BIG flood in the living room.

Maude thinks I have done away with Carol - I swear she looks at me very accusingly as if to say "what have you done with my MOM???). She, too, got a little evening walk but that wasn't enough to stop her from quietly watching every move I made as she curled up behind the front door, waiting for Carol's return.

Wilbur didn't mind my injection premiere - Eva showed me what to do last night and tonight he didn't even flinch when I gave him his insulin poke. Thank goodness - one more hurdle crossed.

I almost dozed off on the couch, cats all over me, dogs by my side, gentle snuffling and snoring noises from the variety of baskets and beds around the room. One of the best things about this whole experience is that I get to see the part of SAINTS that usually only Carol sees - the incredibly quiet, calm, peaceful SAINTS when sleep is creeping in and the night is dark and all's right with the world.



Checking in from here at work.... looks like I'm just in time to wish carol well & hope to read this evening that the surgery was simple & it isn't as bad as they thought .....

Hope all goes super & you are home safe & sound soon.


The children were good.. all of them have been. I think they are confused as to where thier Carol is, but they are all being as good as they can.