Rescue Journal

I am back!!!! (almost)

Alison  ·  Jan. 15, 2007

Lindsey (my daughter) just picked me up a wheel chair. Amazing!!! Half an hour ago,I am teary, feeling hopeless and helpless and such a terrible burden to everyone and now I can move around and soon as I get that surgery, I AM COMING HOME!!! I know I can still sort of mop a floor, and I can feed and medicate at least the indoor guys, but best of all...i can touch their faces without falling over(cuz i SUCK on one leg!!!)

My deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone who has pulled together to care for the most beloved saints. Mo, now i know what saints withdrawal feels like and i don't like it at all. I know i will continue to be a burden for the next few weeks, but i promise to help out everywhere i can. thank you, thank you, thank you,i am blessed by the good people who surround us.



ROFL! If you return to SAINTS with painted nails and pouffed up hair and glamour-girl makeup, at least it will give us all a good laugh! They do say laughter is the best medicine.....oh yeah, you're the one who's supposed to get the medicine, not us.
Jen and Lindsey - you go, girls!!! Get 'er while she's sleeping!


apparently my daughters are enjoying looking after me...i am a giant, breathing barbie doll for frustrated young adults who still want to play with dolls! one washing my foot and the other trying to convince me to let her wash my hair with a plastic salad bowl and a measuring cup on the couch (did not happen, the drugs i am on are not that good!) they are starting to make me nervous...i don't trust them not to sneak up on me and paint my toenails when i am sleeping. i need to get home before they turn me into a girlie mom.

Chris T

You are not a burden! Don't ever think that. We will all pull together to care for the SAINTS. Don't worry about anything except getting well.


Get well soon!! Sounds like you have a bunch of wonderful volunteers there, wish I were closer to help out too! Take care :)


Glad you are doing well my friend, everything will go fine for you tomorrow. You are surrounded by the love and energy of the children. I fully expect the children to try and drown you in kisses when you return to them. Going to check on them very shortly. Sending my love and support...


Oh wow am I glad I ran up to my office to check the blog during my class break. It's good to see you have found your way to a computer. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow, Carol - I hope it is less complicated than expected, quicker to heal than they predict, and that you are a much better patient than we anticipate! LOL
You know we love ya, but you're NOT going to bully us into letting you take on too much too soon. You said to me earlier today that we signed on as volunteers, not to make it a way of life.....well, it is a way of life, and it is so very much more than just a little volunteer activity. And having walked in your mocassins (quite literally) for just one day, my admiration for all you do has grown a thousand-fold!

On a funny note: Today I was using masking tape to put up the dog med instructions. A piece got crumpled up and I put it on the counter. Toby, that cat who loves to reach out and touch someone, tapped it with his paw, and it stuck. He turned his paw and looked at it with the same expression that people have when they look at the dog poop on their shoe. Then he shook his paw, flinging the tape into the air...where it landed right on Dexter's nose and stuck there! Poor cross-eyed Dexter couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard!
Well, back to class.