Rescue Journal


Jean  ·  Jan. 15, 2007

I just talked to Carol and she is already whining about wanting to come home, so I'd say she's doing okay. Bored out of her mind, missing her animals, but okay.

The schedule is slowly coming together - there are still some gaps (Chris will likely post them here as soon as we identify them clearly), especially for a long term plan as we will need help for quite a while. Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.

And please, pray to the snow gods to leave us alone - I hear there's another snow warning for tonight.....yikes!



Thanks Jean, i think we were on the phone for an hour. She sounds really tired but by the time we got finished we were both talking a mile a minute. She ws getting beeped quite a few tiems but her kids out in town on missions of meds and wheel chairs. I told her she need a cast with a roller skate on it.. and a sled so you guys could pull her out to the barn. I also told her about webcams as they are cheap to buy jsut need long enough cord to reach the barn dogs, cats etc. You guys could move the cam to what she needs to see etc. Hopefully the hospital will call her soon so she can get that put behind her and move forward.


She's at her old home in MR waiting for the surgery. You call call her on her cell.


Just re-read yesterdays post & see some of my answers are there... is she in the MR hospital ? I could go for a visit this evening if she's really bored...not that I'm all that exciting, but I could bring some .. store bought cookies.


Do we know how bad the break was ? Did she need pins or screws ? Is it her bad ankle ... or did she ruin her good one ? When does she come home ?

Everyone do a NO SNOW DANCE or a NO SNOW PRAYER this evening.


It will all work out. Some one in the universe must have been telling Carol to slow down and she just wouldn't listen. Everything will be fine, she's got lots of people to take care of her and the children.. we can do this!