Rescue Journal

Carol is out of surgery...

Chris  ·  Jan. 16, 2007

...and bored. I just talked to her and she is hoping to be out of the hospital tomorrow after she gets all of her antibiotics. She hopes to go home tomorrow. Just thought I would share the update as I know everyone is concerned.



Well if you wont be good and stay in hospital, not that i blame you, at least you are being good and staying with your children.. the human ones that is. The non human ones are very much looking forward to you being back with them. And as stated before.. stop being so hard on yourself woman! All is well and it will continue to be so.


Ha ha ha - I was scratching my head trying to figure out how an ATM machine (that's a bank machine, Carol!) would get you out to the barn.......although I suppose if it's loaded with cash we could then just build a new house attached right to the barn and you could share your space with the barn creatures as well! But now I see - Ellen has clarified - you were thinking of one of those ATVs, four wheely things - I don't think so!!!
Your menagerie is all well tonight (well, as well as the old wrecked ones ever are!). Moses is looking older and more wrecked by the minute but still gamely comes out into the dog yard with everyone else and also makes sure he gets his share of cheese slices after the meds are all done.
See ya tomorrow, my friend. It'll be nice to have you back home again. Just remember to let others help you while you figure out the parameters of what you can and cannot do and work out the logistics of wheeling around with 160 paws and 40 tails underfoot - or underwheel.
And as soon as you're able, I'll help you into my car or your van and drive you around to the barn so you can touch your beloved barnyard friends.


Yes Carol, welcome back, if not quite welcome home yet. And do take Deb's advice... Get some sleep cuz all your 4 legged babies will be wanting to share your bed with you when you do get home.

And pleeeeeeze, don't anyone give her an ATV to get out to the barn... Swinger(?) might bump you from behind and drive you into the pond. Pleeeeeze!


Glad to see you made it out of the hospital.. Like others have said, take it slow . See you soon.


"Ashamedly very weak" ??!!?? Two words, friend: Shut Up!!

You just had major surgery for a major injury to a major joint. Stop being such a major pain and cut yourself some major slack.

We'll get you back into the middle of the chaos that is your life tomorrow. Until then, let your human family care for you, get some sleep on the pee free sofa, and let your ankle start to heal.

I'm so glad you are going to be okay....**sob**


I can't imagine how you must feel being such a hands on gal and so far from so many you love but thankfully you have a great crew taking care of every one while your um..taking a break.. teehee Sorry it just came out that way.

Hope you feel better in the morning, one more sleep and one full day of healing. REMEMBER to take it slowwwwww , Maybe soem one should chain lock her to the bed.


i miserably failed Crutches 101..the physio wanted me to stay another day in hospital to practice some more but succumbed to my whining and let me come to my family's home tonight for further remediation (i am ashamedly very weak, but i am sure i will get stronger!). Deb and Lindsey will bring me back home to saints tomorrow. i think the wheelchair will be much safer for the animals in the long run anyway.
i am thinking a ATM machine will get me out to the barn too so i am looking to borrow one if anyone has one that they aren't using. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again, i know they have all been in great hands, but my hands are empty and i want them full again!

Chris T

I am not sure what arrangements are being made. I did not want to keep her on the phone any longer than I needed to. I am sure all of this will be sorted out today.


Thanks for the update Chris,
and yes Jean i think putting up a closed for the weekend is a sensible idea.


I'm sure the hospital staff won't want to keep her there any longer than they have to! Nothing like an impatient patient!
Do you know what is the plan for her return? Is her family bringing her home and rearranging the furniture etc? I'm thinking she will need some help there, but not TOO many people milling about getting underfoot and tiring her out for the first several days (we may actually have to start putting up a "closed" sign!). I will be there to put the barn to bed in the late afternoon and can take dinner over and help her in the evening.