Rescue Journal

Oh Cr*p!

Jean  ·  Jan. 16, 2007

Who ordered the friggin' snow????

I made it to work - took me an hour instead of 20 minutes. There was about 4 - 5" at Saints when I left at 7 AM, and still snowing heavily. The hills weren't great - fortunately I have four wheel drive and top of the line snow and ice tires, but I wouldn't recommend going there on all-seasons, at least not for a while.

I didn't bring the phone numbers and email addresses of the people who are supposed to take care of the animals this morning. If there is a problem getting there, Eva should be able to do it. Barn instructions are on the wall by the workbench.

I will leave my cell phone on in class for this morning in case of any major problems getting things covered. I will be done here just after 12, and hopefully home to SAINTS by 1:00.



Whew , I heard it was raining in coquitlam, so I am hoping it is raining in MR & mission as well. Downtown Vancouver has no snow & it is not nearly as cold as yesterday.... pray for rain.... yikes did I jsut write that !


Oh good - I'm on class break, and it is still snowing heavily here in Abbotsford - let's hope I can get up the hill to Mission. Of course, if I can't get up, Kathy et al can't get down, so they'll just be stuck there and all will be well! LOL

Chris T

Ok, I just called and Kathy is there. Someone is there doing the barn too so all is well Jean!

Chris T

It was ok in Maple Ridge. It is supposed to turn to rain. I did make it in today. I hope everyone is able to make it. I will give a call there and see who is there.