Rescue Journal

Run free, Isaac, free of pain at last.

Jean  ·  Jan. 16, 2007

Isaac had his last cheez whiz on toast (he never did like pizza!) and quietly left this world today as he lay in my arms on a carpet on my kitchen floor. His health had been failing and his pain was no longer manageable. Two nights ago he woke me with his cries and he paced most of the night despite heavy doses of drugs. I spoke to Carol, and then the vet, and despite increased meds his experience last night was the same. And so our wonderful vet came to my house between her appointments and gently ended his pain forever.

Isaac, you were the first dog to ever speak its name to me. You were with me such a short time, but quickly became my shadow. You gallantly tried to pace back and forth with me down my narrow hallway, on your wobbly legs, as I chatted on the cordless phone or moved around my small house doing chores. You were such a Velcro dog, and appreciated every kindness, every pat, every scritch behind the ears.

You hated being alone - you were fine if you were with your furbuddy Charley or even with Allie Cat, but my bathroom, mudroom and barn all testify to your desperate need to be near another living being.

Your favourite food was Cheez Whiz on toast, for which you repeatedly bumped my elbow. In fall, you loved to sit on the grass with me just before dusk and watch the leaves quiver in the trees, hoping to spot a squirrel. When your strength allowed, you joined Charley and I on our morning walks up the back pasture. You loved children, especially little boys, and chased Eva's grandson Brandon around and around the old well in the garden, playing like the puppy you once were. And although you fit in so well, I could always tell you longed for something you once had. May you one day greet that little boy from your past at the Rainbow Bridge.

I was honoured to have you share my home, Isaac, and I wish I could have known you longer. Run free, sweet boy, free of pain at last.



OH Jean i am so sorry your golden boy has moved on to his spititul duties. No doubt the abscence of your daily rituals together are continous reminders now that he is not here and it breaks your heart over and over again. Still we look for them..even though our greif consumes us. But your tears do honor your boy and remind you to take comfort in knowing that you loved him this much and he knew it.


Thanks everyone. I had not realized until this morning how BIG a presence he had in the house and with the routines. The house seems deadly quiet without his heavy plod-plod-plodding around - I thought I'd sleep well last night since I wouldn't have any 3 AM meanderings around the yard with him, but I guess his plodding has been a lullaby to me these past five months and the house was TOO quiet. LOL
And it is weird to eat my breakfast without a big furry beasty bugging me for my toast! I gotta train Charley to be more of a mooch.


I am so sorry Jean, it's hard to say Good Bye. The old ones just grab onto our hearts and cling, even though their time with us is short. Rest in peace sweet Issac. I hope the place you're going is free of pain and has an unlimited supply of Cheez Whiz and toast.


Isaac was such a beautiful old soul, and being loved made all the difference to him, he ended this part of his journey in the arms of the one who adored him. All dogs should be so fortunate.
No more pain, no more longing, no more fear. You are free now, darling dog.
Jean, I am so sorry for your huge loss. I know how much you loved Isaac. Hugs to you and Charley.

Chris T

Jean - I am so sorry for you loss. He is free from pain and demons now. Thank you so much for being there with him until the end. He knew that you loved him.


oh isaac, you house-eating sweetheart.
Jean, I'm so sorry that you had to let him go, but am so happy that he was able to find comfort and finally peace in your home.


You loved him Jean, you always will. Isaac will remember that as he waits and watches over you.


Jean I'm so terribly sorry to hear about Isaac's passing. I must have missed something along the way as I didn't realize his time was coming so soon.
Hugs to you my friend. I am thinking about you and will light a candle for him tonight.


Awwww Jean, I am so sorry about Isaac. Although I never met Isaac, I do remember your post sometime back about Brandon's visit and Isaac's delight in playing with him... It brought tears to my eyes at that time already. Now he is free, playing to his hearts content, stopping only for a quick munch of toast and cheezwiz, maybe a slurp of water, and off to play again as that little boy from his past calls to him.

You gave him so much in his last months here... Blessings to you for that.