Rescue Journal

Get your dirty paw outta my water dish! and other stories

Jean  ·  Jan. 17, 2007

I am sure Sanderson (Sandy 2) has a thing about water dishes. He has to drink from every one he passes - and drink and drink and drink. It takes twenty minutes to get him from the living room to the outside door in order to go for a little walk. I'm not sure that he's really thirsty - I think he just thinks he needs to drink every dish dry.

Tonight I'm curled up on the SAINTS living room couch with Sandy on my lap and Wilbur by my side, Beaver trying to give me a hickey, and one of the orange cats playing with my feet. I'm watching Romeo, who has the runs and looks a mess, have a well-aimed dump (or rather, a dribble) on the scratching post and then hop down, walk over to the big water dish, and ....proceed to wash his paw in it! I am not kidding...he dipped it in, splashed it around, licked it, dipped it in again....

And then Sanderson noticed! He flew off my lap and practically landed on top of Romeo in his hurry to tell this mucky little cat to keep his mucky little paws out of that nice clean water. Poor Romeo. He just retreated to his post with Sanderson watching him, head held high, as if to say "I should think so!"

And then Sandy sat right by that dish for the next half hour.

And Wilbur has decided I'm his new best friend (which will last until Carol gets home tomorrow, I'm sure). He's a funny little dog - I've never really paid much attention to him, nor him to me, until now. And despite the fact that I poke him nightly with my inexperienced hand on his insulin needle, he now comes waddling up to me, reaches up with his front paws, stands by me waiting for scritches on his head, and tonight when I lifted him onto the couch covered my face with a thousand very soft sweet little kisses. I discovered he has the softest little lips and chin.

Maude still eyes me with accusation. I told her Carol would be home tomorrow but she still wants to know what I've done with her. I'm sure she'll think it's my fault that Carol comes home with a busted foot and two large dangerous wheels.



So Carol... are you home.. did the crew go crazy when they saw you. Sneaking in here from work & checking for an update.

Jean I'm jealous... How sad is that.. I need a real life !!


Heck, I've been pugged and labbed and pommed and chi'd and mutted and beagled and donkeyed and pigged and...... :)