Rescue Journal

Wanna get to know the barn animals?

Jean  ·  Jan. 17, 2007

We're still in need of someone to come to SAINTS on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the next two or three months (until Carol is back on her feet) to feed the barn guys and let them out around 9 AM - could be earlier or a little later. Once trained, it takes about half an hour or so. We also need someone to muck out the stalls on Thursdays - that takes about two hours. These tasks could be done by one person or two.

Compensation? You will get to start each day with a grin on your face from Petunia's good morning grunts and Jenny's earsplitting welcome. You'll have the delight of getting to know Spritely and Winston and Gideon and Annie and Kissy and Grammy and Carl. You'll get thumped on the shoulder by Gomer Pyle, alias Swinger. And you will totally fall in love with them all.

If you can make an ongoing commitment to take on one or both these tasks, please contact Chris at

We could also use one more person to take a turn at the evening routine - feeding and putting them to bed just around dark (5 PM), especially Monday evenings.



Wednesday barn cleanup and evening feed now covered - thanks Deb, I've added you to the roster.

 Mornings are still needed.


Oops, Ellen, I just realized you said THIS monday - any chance you could do every other monday if Julie could take the alternate ones? I'm trying to set up the ongoing schedule, preferably with repeat helpers rather than a different person each week - too much chance for slip-ups.


Thanks Ellen. I'll be there Saturday - any chance you can come out late in the afternoon when I actually put them to bed and then you can do it with me? I've posted step by step instructions in the barn, but sometimes seeing it done helps clarify things.
Julie is also a backup for Monday evenings, so between the two of you it would be covered.


Jean, I could cover the barn this coming Monday evening if someone could go through routine with me on Saturday.