Rescue Journal


Jean  ·  Jan. 18, 2007

Carol is safely home, sitting on the couch with her leg up, and bossing us around just as we expected.

Carol, it is so good to see you home where you belong. Behave yourself and you will be taking the dogs to the lower meadows and treking out to the barn in no time. Try to do too much and we'll break your other ankle.

All's right at SAINTS once again.



Welcome home Carol!! Glad everything went well now you need to concentrate on healing. The animals are going to love the fact that you aren't fully mobile. They'll be all over you!!!!


This is absolutely the best news that I could have come home to tonight!! I'm so glad you're home Carol. Now take it easy and let everyone do for you. :-)


The dogs went nutz when Carol rolled through the door. Maudie yelled at her for thirty or forty minutes off and on. The bald Chihuahuas were snuggling on the sofa with was obvious they were thinking "Score! Mama and a soft blanket! Woo Hoo!" Lexie parked herself on a pathetically small bed in the little dog room and was making sure her Carol wasn't leaving without her again. Copper, Beagle Bastard Extraordinaire was all over her, doing his best Sally Field impersonation "She came back, she loves me, she loves me, she really loves me."
If everyone assembled hadn't already known Carol is the centre of the SAINTS universe, two minutes of the beautiful bedlam that was her homecoming made it abundantly clear that she is the sun, the moon and the stars to the SAINTS.
The transition wasn't so bad, hey Carol? Some minor moving of furniture, some major cleaning (who knew Jen is a little cleaning machine?) and voila!
I hope all is going well. Keep your cell phone charged in case you need to call for help. And if you need help, call for it!


good to hear that you are home and safe. Take good care of yourself, and enjoy your down time with your babies, who must be so happy that you are home.
How important you are to all of those critters in your care.