Rescue Journal

disabled day two

Alison  ·  Jan. 20, 2007 that i have all my implements of ease to work with, i have made my "to do list" for today,,

1. i am going to wash my hair and myself so visitors do not run from here screaming (otherwise i wouldn't waste the energy because i have other things i want to do today too) i should have done it yesterday, but i didn't, sigh. never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

2. I AM GOING TO CLEAN THE HOUSE...and everyone can just suck it up and be quiet because i am sending julie (if she doesn't read this before she comes and phone in sick) to the laundrymat to catch up on the laundry. if they don't get that dryer part in here pretty darn quick and fix that thing, i am going to scream! (it takes forever for that dryer to dry)

3. i am going to stare and ponder at that laundry area all day during my travels til i figure out a way to get up there so i can keep caught up and not get behind again. it really bugs me and it smells and i am sick of it already. so why don't they make washing and drying machines portable anyway?

4. i am a nurse and i will follow my own slightly converted nursing rules and get my foot up periodically during the day.

5. and i am going to spend a couple of hours with the big guys (just not on the couch, i will do their floor and talk to them instead.

the best thing that happened yesterday was the arrival of my personal pooper scooper AND a bunch of infant sized hats to cover my six day frozen toes...ohhhh, they feel so good when they are warm!

the donkeys have already heard me banging around in here so now i can hear them screaming hello...tomorrow i am going to get out to that barn so i can see them all but that is about tomorrow and this is about today.

ok,,,wish me luck on the washing me part...geez, what a waste of time.



I'm glad you are home. Did anyone take pictures of your homecoming? I bet it was mayhem when the dogs and cats saw you, and hopefully Jean will have a camera with her to get some shots of you and the barn guys.


So Carol,

Are you all scrubbed clean and fresh as a daisy? You are a hilarious "patient", that's for sure!

Thank you for continuing to write as on days like today, I sure need a glimmer of hope that there are animals in the world that are as loved and cared for as the ones at Saints. The rest of the world at large is not doing so well and today I am just saddened by the things I have seen.


the laundrymat on a Saturday morning is Theee place to be in Misson! I tell you! what excitment you all missed! Machines shloshing and spinning with the occasional kerthunk! whee! and! and!! oh the scent of wet clothes and soap! intoxicating! We can't forget the people! you wouldn't believe the people that come to the Mission laundrymat on a Saturday morning! I'm a bettin the only thing better would be the Mission Laundrymat on a Saturday evening! ooh my!! Anyone want to come next time? ;)


You darn well better let me be the one to take you out to the barn tomorrow (which means either in the morning or evening as I'll be gone in the afternoon) 'cuz I didn't get to see your homecoming with the dogs and I SO want to see Tunie's reaction!!!!! So if you let anyone else take you out there I will go on strike and then you will have no-one to fetch and carry and go shopping for you - so there! (Okay, I'm just kidding, but I'd really, really, really like to be there to see what Tunie does!)


Gosh Carol....just heard of your "accident" Sure hope you mend quickly before all them critters get scared off by the occasional strange sounds from the house !!
Mend fast, your critters need you !