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It's all coming together...slowly

Jean  ·  Jan. 22, 2007

Well, despite the fact that Carol is already sick of life in a wheelchair and on the couch, and can't even get on the blog, things are beginning to settle into a routine at SAINTS and we are working out the glitches slowly but surely. (At least, that's what I think - Carol may have a different perspective!).

We still have those Weds and Thurs morning barn feed duties to fill and Thurs mucking out the barn, but I have a back-up plan in place for this week and next. We do have to resolve that problem however - the back-up plan is just that, and it is short term only.

The laundry is a pain, but Carol is phoning the venders today to tell them they have to bring a replacement machine (we are waiting for a part for our nearly-new still-under-warranty machines).

The poop in the yard is building up, and also in the pasture, so anyone who isn't sure what needs doing just wear your gumboots and grab a pooper-scooper or shovel.

The animals seem calm and happy now that Carol is home and volunteers are exercising them. We may have two "new" (but known to Carol) dogs coming in this week but generally speaking we are not accepting any more animals until Carol is mobile. Let's hope these two don't have too many issues other than being in a very unhappy and unhealthy situation right now.

Spritely's leg has been looking pretty good this week, but her hoof shows signs of something or other (I forget - Carol explained it to me but if I don't write it down it doesn't stay in the memory!) so some of us may have to begin bathing the foot again. Mo and I can do this together on the weekend, and I'll set something up for mid week as well.

We have a communications practicum student, Kerri, starting this week to develop some educational and presentation resource kits for us. She will be working independently but in consultation with Carol. She'll be around Saints getting to know the animals for a bit, and will be with us for the semester. Welcome to SAINTS, Kerri!

I know Carol would be on here filling you in on all the humorous (to us) catastrophes and amusing animal antics if she could access the blog, and I know she appreciates everything the volunteers are doing and all the good wishes she's received from our blog readers.

If you can volunteer and haven't yet, the email contact is

Thanks everyone!


Carol from Cocker Rescue BC


Glad you are home and using the W/C.
Had you thought of a walker?

My husband hopped to and from the bathroom with a wheeled walker and it was great...just really hard on his other knee though.

He will be getting the hardwear out in April thankfully as it is causing him pain.
There is SO MUCH hardweear in there as he had such a bad break.

Keep on healing and taking your pain meds and DON'T get constipated...LOL

From one nurse to another!


i am busy now anyway...i have decided to write a book again...i got four pages done last night...i am betting i quit before i hit 20. i think this will be book 3 or 4 that is somewhere lost in this computer. don't anyone hold their breath.


Your life did NOT disappear, thank goodness! You are still very much alive, just not able to do the things you were doing in the way you were doing them. This is a temporary set back - a few months, not a life time.
Okay, I'll quit lecturing now - glad to see you can post comments. Next time you write a great blog entry do the following before you post it: hold down Ctrl and press A (that will highlight your entry) and then hold down Ctrl and press C (that will copy it). Then, if it disappears, go into your word and do the edit-paste bit and you'll have it saved to copy back into the blog when you are able to get it or to send to me to post for you.
Someone once got on my case about my perfectionism - if I can't do a job perfectly, I get frustrated and either avoid it or berate myself for not being able to get it done. They told me the goal is "Progress, not perfection" - to do a little is better than to do nothing. You are making progress, Carol, and that is what counts. Celebrate your progress and envision the day you will be up on two legs kicking our butts.


well apparently i can post comments, but the three times i could actually blog in (and i wrote GREAT blogs too!) all just disappeared, kinda like my freaking life did a week agao.