Rescue Journal

ok, testing, one two three....

Alison  ·  Jan. 22, 2007

did this work?


Chris T

Uhh, you missed the point! If you have windows xp I can log into your computer from here over the internet. I fixed Carol's blog problems from here while she did something in the kitchen!


ooooh Chris....I have lots of computer problems (not blog ones though)......are you the SAINTS computer consultant now??? LOL
(Wait a minute, any friend who has ever tried to fix my computer problems over the phone or email has ended up being royally pissed with my ineptitude and I've lost at least one friend over it.....I think I'd rather keep on your good side or my supply of yummy goodies might dry up. I'll find someone else to torment).

Chris T

You are welcome. It is nice to know that I can now fix your computer problems from home!!! Woo hoo!

(Why do I fear my life will never be the same again!)