Rescue Journal

so...disabled day whatever (i can't remember)

Alison  ·  Jan. 22, 2007

it is probably just as well i couldn't blog cuz i was being a big baby and crying on and off for two days anyway. most of it relating to my now being an official non functioning member of the crippled crew club except i don't have their grace.

but i was also crying over the loss of lola. she didn't go missing, she didn't die and she was not adopted. she was CLAIMED! lola was a stray that showed up at one of the vet clinics last fall. they notified the humane society and the spca and the local pound but no one ever came looking for her. her mom assumed she had wandered away to die. this always infuriates me because i have to tell everyone yet again that the pounds and the shelters and the rescues are overflowing with peoples supposedly dead cats. very few wander away to die, even less actually become a coyotes dinner. most stay lost til someone takes pity and gets them to safety and some are killed by cars and end up in shelter freezers waiting for someone to identify them before the holding period is up. anyway, her mom opened "the post" last week, and there was her cat complaining about our dryer in bold, big print. she rushed over here at 8 pm, hysterically happy to find her alive and well. i was not. i am grumpy in my wheelchair, and not as kind as i usually try to be. i kept saying over and over again, but you didn't look for her. and she said over and over that she thought she was dead. in the end, lola went home. and i cried, sick with worry that she would get lost again and not be found. but i have stopped crying cuz lola came home again last night. the woman felt bad about stealing a beloved cat from a sobbing crippled woman in a wheelchair and i am ever grateful to her for that. lola was pissed at being whisked away. when i was going to bed last night, she jumped up onto my lap to catch a ride to the bedroom. she gently licked my nose and then thought about it again and bit it to make sure i knew not to mess around with her again. she spent the night purring and wrapped around my head on the pillow and every once in awhile cleaning my eyebrows which must have gotten dirty while she was gone.

when i woke up this morning, i couldn't lift my leg. somehow my freaking heavy cast and gained an extra 10 pounds during the night. i couldn't figure it out and it was dark so i couldn't see. it miraculously got much lighter when i gave it a great big heave and accidently pitched julie who was sitting on it off the bed....ooops sorry babe.

i finished cleaning the cat room in record time this morning and i am not so exhausted either. i am going to try to do all the meds today too so i can finally let jean a little bit off the hook. (but not all the way!)



I'm just leaving work now - will go let Charley out and be there around 6 or 6:30. Save me some chow, I'm starving.


well if you are foot is completely numb and i have been up way too long wheeling around and sucking up to the new i will let you do the meds today and i will be good tomorrow cuz lynne and kathy will make me and i should be able to do them if i keep this freaking foot up. is this ok?...sorry.


Carol, Ellen said she was bringing dinner tonight for us, so I just might have to come over there anyway! So if you have tried to do too much again and don't have the energy for the meds, I can do it. And if you do want to do it yourself, I wanna see you try to feed the pill-stuffed pieces of cheese to the wrecked ones in the big dog room without ending up with Jazz pushing over your wheelchair or Andy taking a chomp out of your hand in his enthusiasm for someone else's pills. I figure there will be a good laugh in it for me.


Don't over do it with all the bits you are figuring out you can do. Remember to rest as well.
Yay! Lola is home! yaaaaaaaaay! pets sweet Lola..


I really am so glad Lola is back! She is such a sweet little cat. Julie told me she had gone and I told her I just had this feeling she'd be back with you Carol!!!
Hugs and grins from Lisa in Britland :)