Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Jan. 23, 2007

maudie and trev keep stealing my couch so it is not my fault my foot is not up as much as it should be. kathy and lynne are here and spoiling me rotten, they won't let me clean anything so i am still sitting here, useless in my PJ"S. i am going to do the meds today tho! the dryer repair guy is here too and hopefully by the time he leaves we have some kind of functioning machine. that 36 year old horse had his lady call today, i feel myself caving, i sent her onto mo...i need to talk to mo, because i have just realized we do have to say no now, for sure, no caving allowed....crap, i feel sooo bad for him. freaking breakable bones!

i watched a love fest between lynne, sam and endora in the kitchen this morning, that brought tears to my eyes. they are such lovely, lovely cats and i like them so much better now that we can see and touch them. maudie still hates them because they continue to torment her when she wants to jump up on the bed. you should have heard her fussing and complaining that they were now invading her kitchen space too.

trev and mable may are right at home, not too much adjustment required for either of them...gosh they are wonderful dogs!

as i watch trev laying on the couch, smearing blood on my fresh pillow case from his icky skin, playing with his ball after sharing my toast and jam...i am thinking that if he got to design an animal shelter, this is exactly what he would have envisioned, maybe not great, but it will do til he finds himself a really good home.



trev has gone off to the vets for a couple of days of TLC, i miss him already, he was FUN!


No caving - I hope you also told Mo not to cave!! Besides, at the moment we have absolutely nowhere in the barn to put another horse.

I'm glad Trevor and Mabel are fitting in just fine - that Trevor is such a pup with his ball. I can't wait to take him for a run down to the lower meadow and see him really experience freedom.

Enjoy your day of rest and being a lady of leisure!