Rescue Journal

My vehicle is NOT the mobile lunch wagon!

Jean  ·  Jan. 23, 2007

This evening I'm taking four bales of hay to the barn in the back of my Pathfinder. NEVER try to take hay to the barn in the evening when the barn guys are hungry and waiting for their dinner.

The moment I was through the pasture gates, they all came racing up to meet me. Never mind that I'm driving a heavy-duty vehicle that is big enough and powerful enough to do serious injury to little sheep and lame horses and daft donkeys. They crowded around, hee-hawing and neighing and baaaaing, munching hay from the bumpers and licking salt from the doors, and telling me how neglected they are and how starved they are, and what the heck have I done with Carol anyway?

I edge forward, inch by inch, bit by bit, toward the barn, flanked by a large horse on either side, two donkeys leading the parade, sheep milling about in front and behind, llama bringing up the rear.

And then I ran into a problem. I reached the sharp turn by the corner of the barn where the metal gate is located, and with all the animals around the car and a large red water bucket strategically placed right by the gatepost, I couldn't get around the corner to reach the barn doors. And those bales weigh a ton - it's hard enough for five foot nothing me to get them from the car to the right place in the barn, let alone to carry them from the spot where I was stuck.

So I needed to back up and make a wider turn - except my rear view mirror was useless due to four bales of hay blocking the window, and my side mirrors were useless due to two big horses sandwiching my side doors. And I sure wasn't going to back up with all those animals milling around - if I backed over a sheep I'd be in big, big, trouble with everyone!!

So I squeeze out my vehicle door - no easy feat with the gate post and Swinger both blocking my exit - and try to chase all the animals away so I can safely turn the car. I told them they darn well weren't getting fed until I got the vehicle to the barn and they must have understood cuz they gave me the space I needed.

I swear they have a sense of humour and planned their strategy as soon as they saw me loading up the vehicle. It was all a game to them - with me as their poor unsuspecting victim. Little brats. :)



Chris, I think we are good for the next month - we better put some stuff in the freezer (tell Deb to read the white board in the kitchen - there's something in there she needs to take home to make room for the food) cuz I know Carol doesn't eat stuff that's been in the fridge for more than two days and right now there's a ton of stuff. Or maybe we should just have a big party and eat it all up!!!

Chris T

Don't worry Deb is bringing more sustenance today. On the menu is: Beef stroganoff, beef stew and chilli. Plus Deb made corn bread and banana bread. You guys should be good for a bit.


We definatley need a Web-cam .. That was hilarious.. well for me reading it anyhow .. Thanks for that Jean


Hey, hard work never hurt anyone - I'm not complaining. I just wish I had more time instead of this schizoid existance dividing myself between my paid work and the work I love at SAINTS.
Besides, I'm eating better than I have done in months - all those wonderful people that keep bringing enough food to feed an army!! Of course, that means I HAVE to work hard or I'm going to gain a ton of weight!


i am sorry you have to work so hard jean. i won't break anything ever again!


Yeah, I did think of that, Carol, but I really wanted to get the hay moved before dark - somehow I swear the bales become twice as heavy in the dark! Or maybe I'm just twice as tired.


ummm jean? at night, you put them in the barn first, and then you drive over with the the morning, you drive over and unload before you let them out. it is easier.


Jean, that is too funny. Maybe we should revisit last night's conversation with Carol about the ATV, or maybe an ATM would be best... Just think, all your problems with the hay could be solved.